03 Nov 2021 | by Captain Joe

10 Fun, Tasty & Delicious Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Wedding Reception


You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream, right?! Gurgaon-ites and Delhi-ites are well-known for our love for this creamy cool dessert. If you and your bride love ice creams, then you need to make sure to include this tasty dessert in your wedding menu. Make sure to find wedding caterers in NCR, Delhi who can include the tastiest and creamiest ice creams on the menu.

In this guide, we’ve got 10 unique and fun ways to serve ice cream on your wedding day. Get inspired and surprise your guests with this tasty treat on your big day.

1. Ice Cream with Gulab Jamun


The perfect desi dessert for weddings. The hot syrup of gulab jamuns paired with the creamy coolness of the ice cream is the perfect match made in heaven. You can also pair ice creams with other desi desserts like carrot halwa or jalebi.

2. Ice Cream Cones


The perfect nostalgic snack for summer weddings! Ice cream cones are loved by guests of all ages. You can serve ice cream cones as a dessert at the wedding dinner or pass it to guests throughout the ceremony. If you feel that ice cream cones are too simple, you can dress it up by serving them in elegant shot glasses. Alternatively, you can also serve ice cream in waffle cones decorated with sprinkles.

*Make sure to serve your guests paper napkins along with the cone so as to prevent the ice cream from dripping on their dresses.

3. Ice Cream Cocktails


Go for a fancy dessert by serving ice cream scoops in martini glasses. Decorate the rims of the glasses with coloured sugar and add tiny cake slices in the glass to create an elegant dessert.

4. Old-fashioned Milkshakes


Milkshakes are always a crowd pleaser and guests of all ages will love drinking a cool, frothy milkshake topped generously with ice cream scoops. Make sure you include several flavours like strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, so that guests can choose whichever they like. Alternatively, you can also serve exotic flavours like Kit-Kat milkshake, nutella milkshake, snickers milkshake, jelly bean milkshake to wow your guests.

5. Ice Cream Sundae Bar


An ice cream sundae bar makes the dessert experience interactive. Serve several ice cream flavours and include multiple toppings, so that guests can mix and match and make their own customised sundae. Here are some of the toppings to include: cookie crumble, wafers, sprinkles, chocolate chips, Gems candies, chopped nuts and dry fruits. If you really want to create one-of-a-kind experience, then include exotic toppings like candied bacon, strawberries, nut brittle and hot chocolate fudge.

6. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich


Ice cream cookie sandwiches are a total crowd pleaser. The crunchiness of the biscuit pairs perfectly well with the creamy deliciousness of the ice cream sandwiched in between. The best part – it is not messy and you can serve it as a snack while the wedding ceremony goes on.

7. A Self-Serve Ice Cream Cart


Hire a local ice cream vendor and load up an ice cream cart with your favourite ice creams. Think ice cream balls, cornetto, chocobar and popsicles. Guests can choose what they want during the ceremony. This is a great way for guests to enjoy a snack while the rituals are going on and also helps guests keep up their energy throughout the ceremony.

8. Ice Cream Cake


This is an innovative way to serve your wedding cake. Ice creams and cakes are a match made in heaven. Instead of a regular wedding cake, you can order an ice cream cake and serve your guests with a lip-smacking delicious treat. Just make sure the venue has a freezer to store the cake until it is time for the ceremony.

9. Refreshing Sorbets


Sorbets are delicious popsicles minus the milk. They are refreshing and a cool treat to serve especially on a hot summer day. Look for wedding caterers in Delhi, NCR who can include fruity sorbets in the wedding menu. Colourful and refreshing, sorbets make for a show-stopping wedding refreshment.

10. Ice Cream Truck


Remember when you used to squeal with joy when you heard the sound of the ice cream truck rolling down your street? Your guests will get giddy with joy when they see an ice cream truck rolling into the reception venue. Hire a local ice cream truck and park it at the venue. Make sure to include several guest favourites like ice cream bars, cups and cones for variety.

Now, that we’ve tempted your taste buds, use these ideas to create a unique, one-of-a-kind, memorable dessert experience for your guests.

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