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“The power of a good meal is often underestimated in the workplace.”

A good meal helps colleagues' bond, impress clients and seal the deal. If you’re tasked with the job of finding the best corporate caterers in Gurgaon, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we walk you through the step-by-step process of hosting an office lunch, a gala dinner or any other event that involves catering.

By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll be an expert in locating the best corporate caterers for your office.

First things first,

What is corporate catering?


Corporate catering is the business of providing food to professional events.

  • It can be on a daily-basis – like hiring corporate catering services in Gurgaon to provide all your employees with daily lunch buffets.
  • Or it can be a one-time event – like hiring corporate catering teams for special events like a client meet, gala dinner, office picnics, etc.

The process is easy – you choose your preferred corporate caterer, tell them your requirements: number of guests, meal type, menu and budget. They'll deliver the food at your chosen venue, either your office or a party hall. Depending on the service, you even get professional waiters to serve the food to your guests or you get pre-packed meal boxes that guests can serve themselves.


What's the benefit of corporate catering?

benefit-of-corporate catering

A good meal is a great way to seal the deal. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring corporate catering services in Gurgaon.

#1: Make a Good Impression


Corporate catering can help your company make a good impression on your high-profile clients. It makes them feel valued and they are impressed with your attention to detail.

#2: Provide your Employees with a Fine-Dining Restaurant Experience, without Wasting Time


Corporate catering is an excellent choice for employee lunches or picnics. Taking your entire team to a restaurant is laborious. You have to ring up the restaurant ahead of time, ensure that you get reservation. Then you have to ferry your team to the restaurant. You may have to hire a few cabs to accommodate the entire team and navigate city traffic to reach the restaurant on time.

Once at the restaurant you have to wait to get seated. You may have to share the space with other diners. An office lunch meet can run several hours and make your team feel like they have wasted the entire afternoon.

With a corporate caterer, you bring the food to your team, instead of the other way. Professional corporate caterers like Captain Joe recreate the restaurant experience right in your office. We provide you with real silverware, delicious food and well-trained waitstaff for the perfect dine-in experience. It doesn’t get any better and smoother than this!

#3: Get More Bang for your Bucks


Professional corporate caterers can work with different budgets and they know how to stretch your dollars for the maximum value. You can provide your guests with a scrumptious meal without blowing the entire year’s budget.

#4: You can Cater to Different Dietary Requirements


Taking your employees, clients or stakeholders to a restaurant is not always a good idea. For example, if one client is a vegetarian, then a BBQ restaurant is not the best choice. On the other hand, with professional caterers you can ensure that the meal meets the dietary requirements of all guests. You can ask your guests to RSVP any dietary requirements beforehand, and customise the menu accordingly with the help of your caterer.

Step-by-step Guide to Hiring Corporate Caterers

Step 1: Confirm the budget with your boss/finance department


Before you organise a lunch/dinner for employees, clients or stakeholders, you need to get the approval of your boss or the finance department, regarding the budget. This will help you work with the caterer to plan the meal accordingly.

If your boss asks you to come up with the budget, here are a few points to consider:

  • What's the type of meeting – Are you launching a new product? Are you impressing a high-profile client? Is it a casual affair for employees to relax and wind down?
  • Who is on the guestlist – Is this a small boardroom meeting with just the top shareholders? Is the meeting only for the top-level executives? Or is it an all-bodies meet? The size of the guestlist will give you an idea of the suitable budget.
  • What's the meal style? Is it a high-tea party with mostly snacks and short-eats? Is it a sit-down lunch? Or is it a several course dinner party?

Step 2: Know your Space


Knowing where the meeting will be held will help you choose the right type of corporate catering services. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Will the meeting be held in a small boardroom or a large party room?
  • Will people eat at their desks or will they have a separate space to eat?
  • Is the space large enough to set up buffet tables?
  • Can you squeeze in chairs and tables for all guests?

Thinking about the space will help your caterer understand the best way to prepare and serve the food. Depending on the space, you can go for:

  • Buffet tables with live food stations
  • Elaborate plated meals
  • Quick-eat snack boxes
  • Self-serve meals etc.

Step 3: The Time of the Meal


Before you finalise the menu with your caterer, you have to decide the meal time. Is it a multi-course dinner, or is it a brunch? The menu must be customised based on type of meal, and also the weather and season.

If it’s the monsoon season, serving hot fried items is a great way to make the guests feel warm and relaxed.

Mix it up & Have Fun with Captain Joe – The Best Corporate Catering Services in Gurgaon

At Captain Joe, we offer you a wide range of corporate catering services. Whether you need an elaborate multi-course sit-down meal or require beautifully packed meal boxes, Captain Joe can provide you with the best varieties. We specialise in a variety of cuisines like North Indian, Punjabi, South Indian, continental, chinese, American and many more.

Best of all – we offer completely customised menus that fit your budget and event style. Get in touch with our team & impress your clients and employees with a delicious corporate meal.

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