Hookah parties are a massive hit with the younger generation. If you're looking to host a chill and laidback hookah party with your friends or colleagues, don't forget to give Captain Joe a ring.

While Hookah is the main attraction of the event, you cannot overlook the need for the right foods. Pairing the right foods is essential to help your guests get the maximum enjoyment from the event.

At Captain Joe, we know the rules of Hookah and food pairing. For instance, serving too spicy foods at the event dulls the senses, and the subtle flavors of the Hookah will be lost on your guests.

We have an extensive range of Hookah party menu with finger foods – kebabs, tikkas, and the good specialty drinks to go with each sniff.

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Call us on +91-989-998-8185 to discuss your requirements and let us help you decide the menus for the event.

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Best Hookah party caterers are offering meal options starting from Rs. 550/head. Contact Captain Joe today.

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