A Celebration before the Big Event! A prelude to the Main Event!

At Captain Joe, we love a good celebration. And, there's nothing so exciting and fun-filled like a hens day. It's got all the elements of a perfect party: spoiling the bride-to-be and getting together with the girls to indulge in never-ending fun. Best of all, there are NO BOYS ALLOWED!

We like to keep our bachelorette party, a small-time catering menu classy and unforgettable, just like your gang of girls. Whether you're inviting the whole group of girls or celebrating with only a handful of close friends, We, the home party caterers, can customize our menu to suit your specific needs.

Get ready to throw a hens celebration in Gurgaon that will (almost) overshadow the wedding itself!

Call us on +91-989-998-8185 to discuss the theme of the event and explore menu possibilities. You also receive a free personalized catering quote for the event.

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Customize the Complete Menu for any of the small-time catering by calling Captain Joe. Prices Starting from Rs. 350/head for home party events.

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