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At Captain Joe, the no.1 wedding caterers in Gurgaon, we’ve compiled this list of the ten hottest wedding food trends that are doing the rounds on social media right now. Use this list to get inspired and become the talk of the town on your wedding day!

There are some things that are always memorable at a wedding. The madly in love young couple, the colourful wedding décor, the gorgeous bridal lehenga and not to be missed - the yummylicious wedding feast. With wedding pics going viral on Instagram, every young couple wants to throw an Insta-worthy, Reel-famous wedding.

Of all the elements in a wedding, the food is what gets discussed (or dissed) the majority of times. It's no surprise that couples spend hours wondering what’s the best way to keep guests (and their tummies) happy.

Luckily, Captain Joe has several Insta-worthy, delicious wedding food ideas just for you. Use these tips to serve your guests to a delicious and totally innovative meal on your big day.

1: Interactive is the Way to Go, Baby!


Interactive food stations are the biggest wedding trends in 2021. An interactive food station is where guests get to customise what’s on their plates. It could be a pizza station, a sundae corner, a chaat station and so on. A chef prepares the meal according to guest choices. For example, in an interactive sundae corner, guests get to choose their favourite ice cream flavours and top it with their favourite toppings and sauces.

2: Take Your Guests on a Culinary Journey with Tasting Menus


This is a fine-dining concept that is making its way into wedding halls. Five-star restaurants offer a tasting menu featuring five or seven small courses. The courses are designed in such a way to take you through a gastronomic journey. You can replicate a tasting menu for your wedding dinner giving guests a truly delightful culinary experience.

3: Sharing is Caring - Family Style Meals


Family style meals are a huge hit, especially during this Covid era. Seat family members together at a table and serve family style platters that everyone can enjoy. Tandoori platters, basket of Indian breads, a couple of desserts are served at each table. Guests can then enjoy a leisurely casual meal with their families.

4: Take Your Guests on a Journey around the World on their Plates

International travel may not be on the cards due to the pandemic. But you can still take your guests on a culinary journey around the world with your global menu. For the wedding menu, include dishes from around the world. Here's a sample global menu:

  • Middle Eastern starters like hummus, falafel and pita bread.
  • Go to the Far East with Japanese sushi and tempura prawns.
  • For the main courses, think outside the box with African-inspired dishes.
  • Serve a French cheese board with accompaniments.
  • Finish off with petite-sized desserts from different cuisines.
  • Alternatively, you can serve exotic ice creams like Paan, raspberry sorbet to complete the meal .
  • Finish with a light Chinese hot tea (without milk).

5: Keep it Light

Gone are the days when wedding meals meant large plates of briyani and tons of bread and creamy gravies. Today’s guests prefer light and refreshing meals that don’t make them feel overloaded. So, instead of 2 – 3 large main courses, opt for 5 – 7 light appetizers and small plates. Here are some creative choices:

  • Kebab skewers.
  • Colourful fruit skewers.
  • Mini lettuce wraps with chicken/paneer.
  • Salads.
  • Mini pizza.
  • Small pasta bowls.
  • Bite-sized starters.

6: Take it Outdoors with Live Counters

With the pandemic still going on, most weddings in 2021 have shifted outdoors. Even if the ceremony is held indoors, guests prefer outdoor eating, where they can spread out, reducing the risks of infection. You can move your dinner setup outdoors. Include a couple of live counters where guests can order their food and get it freshly prepared. Dosa counters, pizza stations, live BBQ grills are some great ideas for outdoor wedding meals.

7: Vegan is In!

Food menus have slowly been shifting to sustainability and healthy eating since the last few years. Today, more and more restaurants are serving dishes that are healthy for you and the planet. You can also include this trend in your wedding menu by serving organic, fresh, seasonal and vegan dishes. Just because “it’s no meat,” it doesn’t have to be no fun. Work with top wedding caterers in Gurgaon like Captain Joe to plan a tasty and exciting vegan menu.

Which of these wedding menu trends are you excited to try? Captain Joe, is one of the leading wedding caterers in Gurgaon. We offer a wide range of wedding menus from traditional North and South Indian to exotic continental, Asian, Chinese and American cuisines. Get in touch with our wedding planning team to start planning your wedding menu.

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