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Are you dreaming of a sophisticated meal for your wedding day? Here are tips from Captain Joe, the no.1 wedding caterers in Delhi NCR for an Asian-inspired wedding reception menu.

Asian cuisine is universally loved. It's light, versatile and delicious and suits all palates. Whether you’re planning for a sit-down meal or a casual buffet, an Asian-inspired wedding menu is sure to be a hit with your guests.

When it comes to Asian food, there is an overlap. For example, some dishes in Chinese are similar to Thai, both Japanese and Korean meals have small “banchan” plates. If you’re looking to provide your guests with a menu that suits all palates, we recommend turning the heat down and opting for milder dishes to suit the tastes of all guests – young and old.

Sample Asian-Inspired Wedding Menu



Here are some delicious starters to include on your menu: Steamed bao buns filled with chicken/paneer, picked cabbage (kimchi), charcoal grilled prawns with wasabi, Korean popcorn chicken, Bhutanese momos and Burmese soups.


Jasmine rice, thai chicken curry, pulled chicken, glass noodles, coconut lime chicken and grilled soy salmon.



Shaved ice with red bean sauce, fruit kebabs, mandarin yuzu cheesecake and sticky rice with mango.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are ten best Asian dishes to include in your wedding reception menu.

1. Prawn rolls


This is a delicious appetiser that is pretty and elegant. Take a small roti and garnish it with fresh vegetable and a spiced prawn. Roll up the sides of the roti and tie it with a chive stem or lemon grass to keep the fillings secure. Easy to eat, these are delicious starters that are sure to steal the show.

2. Mung Bean Samosas


Mung beans are an essential ingredient in Japanese and Korean cuisines. By using mung beans as the filling for samosas, you create a twist on the traditional Indian-aloo samosas. You serve your guests something that is familiar but with a twist. It's a great way to prep your guests for what comes next.

3. Korean Fried Chicken


This dish is a sure hit on your menu. Korean fried chicken is popular across the world for its sweet and spicy taste. You can even arrange fried chicken pieces based on their levels of heat starting from mild to super spicy. This way, guests can choose pieces based on their preferred spice levels and it adds to the fun factor of the meal.

4. Sharing Platters


Include a sharing platter at each table so that guests can enjoy these before the main course or along with the mains. Choose from a wide range of snacks and starters like pappads, naans, bhakris, rotis and include a couple of dips like peanut sauce, tomato chutney, kimchi and wasabi.

5. Bibimbap


Bibimbap is Korean rice mixed with veggies, meat and topped with a fried egg. It makes for a great main course and an interesting alternative to the traditional fried rice and pulaos, served at weddings. You can even set up a live station where guests can customise their bibimbap based on their preferences.

6. Thai-style Fish Curry


This is another main course that wows. The flavourful curry includes flavours of ginger, soy and coconut. Serve it with Jasmine rice for a flavourful and filling meal.

7. Chinese Noodles


Noodles are a staple at Chinese weddings as they symbolize longevity. You can include Chinese-style noodles or keep it simple with a desi-Chinese noodles that will be enjoyed by all.

8. Kulfis


Is an Indian wedding complete without Kulfis on the menu? When going Asian, you can also include a few favourite Indian dishes like kulfis while keeping up with the theme. Easy to eat, kulfis and lollies are a fun treat for guests of all ages. It makes for a great prop for photos and doubles as entertainment at the wedding reception. Make the kulfis and lollies attractive by setting up a self-serve add-on bar. Include crushed pistachios, edible glitter and choco-chips so that guests can mix and match to double the fun.

9. Rose and elachi panna cotta

This is a twist on the traditional Italian dessert. Infuse asian flavours like rose, cardamom and paan into the panna cotta for a unique Asian dessert. You can choose rose or cardamom depending on the colour theme of the wedding. A light cold dessert, this is the perfect way to end the meal.

10. Tropical Cocktails/Mocktails


Wash down the scrumptious meal with bespoke cocktails and mocktails for the teetotallers. Use tropical fruits like guava, watermelon, mango and jackfruits to create fun and colourful mocktails and cocktails. You can spice the drinks with a bit of chili powder for an added kick.

Choosing an Asian-inspired wedding menu gives you the freedom to explore a huge variety of dishes bursting with colour and flavours.

Need more wedding menu ideas?

If you’d like some more inspiration to plan your wedding menus, get in touch with Captain Joe, the versatile wedding caterer in Delhi, NCR. We have a huge variety of traditional and contemporary menus to suit all wedding styles. Wow your guests with innovative meals. Start planning your wedding menu using our free online wedding menu planner and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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