12 Jan 2022 | by Captain Joe


Planning a big event requires some good decision making skills. Food is a great aspect in any event that needs meticulous planning to get it right. Starting from finalizing the number of guests, the cuisine, to the final menu, party food takes a considerable amount of your time and energy.

Whether you're catering a wedding or a corporate event, one of the most important food decisions you'll have to make is whether you want full service catering or drop off catering. Most organizers believe that having the food prepared and delivered will make it easier for them to handle the distribution and clean-up on their own. Full-service catering, on the other hand, gives you more options if you want to serve your guests hot, freshly prepared dishes.

During these trying times in Covid, Captain Joe has been providing contactless food catering. Drop-off catering is an innovative catering option mastered by our professional chefs and crew to make every little gathering unforgettable.

Here is a simple guide to help you choose between full service catering and drop off catering for your next event.

Full Service Catering


  • Best suited for large events like weddings.
  • From serving to cleaning, you'll have dedicated workers for every task.
  • The team will prepare the food area and will not depart until the final guest has been served. You will have dedicated employees for everything, whether it is serving food or bartending. You won't have to lift a finger from start to finish because our crew will handle all aspects of the meals for your event.
  • There are more options on the menu. Since the food will be prepared on-site, we will be able to provide a far wider range of menu options that can be cooked and served hot to your guests. This may not be available with drop off catering.
  • It can accommodate a larger group of people. We can manage a larger audience, even if it is unexpected, because we have the resources and staff.
  • Allows for more flexibility in the schedule of meal service. You have more manpower at your disposal with full service catering, which allows you to offer food for longer periods of time. You will benefit from full service catering to serve till later and deliver an exceptional dining experience to your visitors, especially if the event has a bar.

Drop Off Catering


  • Drop off catering is best suited for smaller events like corporate events, birthday parties, graduation parties and get-togethers.
  • Typical drop off catering will have a buffet menu so that the guests can move around and interact with other guests.
  • You have a wide range of option for drop off catering menu as well. The dishes are freshly prepared and dropped off at the venue. We do help with the initial set up and you can take over from there.
  • Drop off catering allows more freedom to your guests on what they want to eat. They can be more mobile and enjoy interacting with other guests.
  • It may not be ideal for larger gatherings as you may have to find a very large event venue to allow free movement of the guests.
  • The host is also left with more responsibility in terms of arrangements, serving, and the cleaning part.

Both the options come with their own advantage and disadvantage. The key deciding factors will be the number of guests, the size of the party venue and the kind of menu you want to serve.

We at Captain Joe have a dedicated staff who are pros at all kinds of catering. If you have an event coming up and are thinking of drop off catering, we are your best bet. Give us a call and let us plan together a great event with great food to elate your guests.

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