31 Jan 2022 | by Captain Joe


Have you been tasked with the herculean task of throwing a surprise party at the last minute? Don't worry if you're feeling overwhelmed; we've got you covered! We're going to show you how to arrange a spectacular surprise party, regardless of how little time you have. The food part is totally taken care of with Captain Joe's fantastic drop-off catering in Gurgaon. Let us concentrate on the other issues. Let's get this party started!

Team Up

Get as many people as possible on board the ‘surprise party-planner boat’. The more the merrier! When you have more people on your team, you can share and delegate tasks and get them all done on time. You need people to run to the stores to procure party supplies while you need a few others to distract the star of the party until it is ready. These should be your trusted buddies who will not blabber the party plan to the star, so choose your accomplices carefully.

Get A Caterer Who Can Cover All Aspects Of Food


Find a caterer who can deliver you with all necessary food; snacks, drinks, lunch or dinner, and everything that goes with it. Getting the caterer to prepare everything at the venue may be an issue, given the last minute idea, but you can always get drop-off catering in Gurgaon, who can delivery everything on time at the venue. Reputed caterers like Caption Joe even set-up everything at the venue for you so that you can enjoy the party.

Choosing The Party Venue


If possible, get the party arranged in an outside venue rather than at the office or at your home. Planning the party at a familiar location can be difficult as the party star may get suspicious and start sniffing around.

You'll also need to stock up on a lot of party goods, but you don't want them to be evident to the party guest. You won't have to worry about the food because you'll be ordering Captain Joe's drop-off catering in Gurgaon. You can easily pull this off with just a little bit of careful planning.

Acting As If You Forgot Their Birthday? No Can Do


If it’s a surprise birthday party , don’t try to create an impression of forgetting their birthday completely. This antic rings alarm bells in the birthday boy or girl and they start suspecting that there is going to be a surprise party; we don’t want that. Act normal, wish them as usual, and you can even get them a good gift. Young teens or kids may get upset sometimes if you act like you forgot their birthday or didn’t get a gift. You don’t want them to be in a bad mood for the party, do you?

Creating A Distraction To Keep The Star Away

You'll need to get the star of the party out of the way for a couple of hours on the day of the surprise party while you set up. Try to make it seem as natural as possible, not as though you're frantic for them to leave the house.

Have your accomplice take them shopping or out for a drink, or treat them to a nice meal citing the happy occasion. That will appear to be a routine activity, and the surprise party will run smoothly from there. Alternatively, if you know they'll be busy at a specific time, schedule the party accordingly.

What is a party without great food? Go with a set menu or mix-n-match with Captain Joe’s drop-off catering in Gurgaon. Call us or just send a message on our Whatsapp; Our great team of culinary experts will make your last minute surprise party truly memorable!

And finally, when it is time to shout ‘SURPRISE’, let it be the loudest they have ever heard. Don’t forget lots and lots of confetti and party poppers!

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