17 Feb 2022 | by Captain Joe


As individuals begin to recover from the pandemic, the number of meetings and events is increasing, as is the need for adept caterers. Organizers are choosing outside venues for their gatherings since stringent guest list limitations are still in place, as well as to maintain better social distance norms. Outdoor venues are preferred over enclosed spaces for everything from birthday parties to weddings, posing a challenge to caterers who are required to set up the entire food service in open spaces.

With our tradition of day long customs and traditions that run for days, caterers are required to arrange for multiple meals a day, along with regular snacks and refreshments, that too outdoors. But experienced outdoor caterers like Captain Joe are pros in arranging such events without a hitch. Yes, there is going to be a lot of preparation beforehand and a number of equipment to be procured to run the show, but they assure that it is completely doable. They have even shared 5 simple tips and tricks for anyone looking to arrange an outdoor catering in the current day scenario.

1. Getting A Lay Of The Land


Before you start planning the food arrangement, take a thorough look around the venue to see what's available and how you can make the most of the resources you have been given. Getting a sense of the space helps you figure out what kind of equipment you'll need to gear up for food service. This will also indicate whether you can fit all of your guests in the space; whether you should utilize tables or a buffet-style food service; and whether you need to use the indoors as well.

Check with the venue's manager or representative to see what facilities are available for caterers to prepare food. Make sure you have enough electrical outlets for your equipment, check the lighting, and pay attention to even the tiniest details so there are no surprises on the day of the event.

2. Placement Of Food And Other Services


Arranging the food tables in the outdoor venue should be in sync with the guest movement. In most cases, the main event would be held indoors and the guests would come out to eat. The main event could be held outdoors too. So outdoor caterers have to plan the food placement based on how you expect the guests to enter the food service area, collect their food, and move around. The best option would be to place the food counters on either side of the place so that the guests can collect their food and slowly move towards the centre. Again, if you are going with tables and chairs, then a centre island type food setup would be good. Apart from the main food, if you have additional counters like chat corner, dessert corner, kids snack corner, not to forget drinking water, you need to plan the placement of all of them precisely to allow smooth movement of the guests and avoid overcrowding in a particular place.

3. Planning A Seasonal Menu


While planning the menu, create something that indulges your guests’ taste buds with seasonal supplies, fruits and vegetables. Indian cuisine is greatly influenced by the nature’s supply of seasonal ingredients and the event menu should reflect this essence. Experienced outdoor caterers usually set their menu based on this principle so their guests enjoy the food which is also suitable for the prevailing weather.

Also, going with seasonal ingredients will ensure that you get only the highest quality supplies rather than hybrid and artificially ripened fruit varieties. As seasoned outdoor caterers, Captain Joe can ensure the best ingredients and supplies for a scrumptious menu at your event.

4. Plan For Any Surprises With The Weather

One of the most challenging components of outdoor catering is the weather, which may quickly put your meal out of service if you aren't prepared. But there's no need to be concerned. Outdoor caterers may easily save the event in any weather with careful planning and precautions. In the event of rain, having a canopy tent on standby can provide shelter for both your guests and your equipment. Since most outdoor catering equipment aren't completely weatherproof, you'll need a cover for your prep area. The idea is to be prepared with a fall back plan so that you can confront any bad weather and still serve your guests delicious cuisine.

5. Choosing Cooking Equipment For The Outdoors

Whether you are preparing the entire meal outdoors or just a part of it, having the right equipment is important. Since you have already surveyed the venue, you have a pretty good idea on the kind of equipment that you will need for the event. What you also need to check is for sufficient power outlets, and if required, uninterrupted power supply. Ensure that there is space to setup your cooking equipment well away from the service area to avoid any mishaps. You may need to bring light-weight, portable cooking equipment for the outdoors. Outdoor caterers usually lean towards liquid propane for cooking as they are very efficient, but the cylinders are very heavy. So natural gas may sound better and they are also cost-effective.

If you are planning for barbeque or tandoor dishes, then a grill is required. There are portable grills and tandoor equipment but then you need to be ready to move them easily in case of unexpected rains.

To Conclude:

Many event organizers prefer outdoor catering as it is fancy and allows their guests greater interaction with other guests. Outdoor venues also allow for better party arrangements and offer more fun to the participants.

Outdoor catering is a bit tricky but experienced outdoor caterers like Captain Joe have immense experience in providing outdoor catering services to hundreds of clients in and around Gurgaon. Call us or drop us an email and our expert chefs and service crew will advise what is best for your event and how best to make your party a hit with your guests!

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