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10 Rich, Grand Indian Thali Ideas For Your Wedding Feast

You didn't do it right if your guests don't drool every time they talk about your wedding feast! Food is a big part of Indian weddings, with the food accounting for more than half of the overall cost. You want your guests to be as excited about the food as they are about being a part of your wedding. A 'Happy Tummy Showers Great Blessings' on the wedding couple, according to Indian parents. As a result, getting the menu just perfect takes a lot of time and effort.

A wonderful array of rich Indian Thali can be a terrific suggestion if you're having trouble deciding on a menu for your wedding day lunch. A Thali menu allows you to combine meals from many cuisines to create a gourmet paradise. As one of the most in-demand wedding caterers in Delhi, NCR, we've put together a list of 10 of our most popular Thali menus that will make your wedding day feast unforgettable for your guests.

1. Punjabi Wedding Thali


Who doesn’t love Punjabi food? The Punjabi Dhabas in nook and corner of our country is a testimony for this. There is nothing more delicious than a Thali full of sumptuous Punjabi food; pindi chole, Amritsari aloo kulcha, dal makhani, rajma, kadhi pakoda, jeera rice, gobi ka achar, gajar ka salad, and the quintessential Amritsari lassi. We can already feel the vibes of the great food and some amazing chatter, filling up your guest’s tummy and heart likewise.

2. Rajasthani Wedding Thali


Rajasthani food is well known for its spicy curries and delicious sweets. Rajasthanis put in so much love and effort while preparing food that is evident in its warm flavors. Traditional Rajasthani food is mostly prepared in ghee that gives it a rich taste and a tinge of royalty. Choose between dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi, bajra or jowar ki roti, makka or missi roti. Spice it up with panchmel dal or laal maas. For snacks, you can have mirchi vada or pyaaz ki kachori. Don’t forget gond ka ladoo, moong dal halwa and Imarti to satisfy your sweet tooth. We have been the most trusted wedding caterers in Delhi, NCR region and have served delicious Rajasthani cuisine in numerous weddings till now. Contact us to plan your menu, now!

3. Kashmiri Wedding Thali

The name Kashmir resonates with beauty and indulgence, but their food is something beyond that. A Kashmiri Waswan, their traditional feast, is sure to make your wedding the talk of town. Predominantly consisting of rice and meat dishes, the preparation of Waswan by itself is nothing short of an art form. Rajma curry, kebabs, pulao, tabak maaz, gosht yakhani, are some popular Kashmiri dishes to add to your menu.

4. Bengali Wedding Thali


Bengalis love food and Indians love Bengali food. Bengali food comes with some spicy flavoured curries and some delectable rice varieties that will make crave more. Shukto, daal, baingan bharta, rotis, fish fry, fish curry, and mutton gravy are some popular dishes that your guests will enjoy.

We at Captain Joe have been wedding caterers in the Delhi, NCR region for quite some time and can dish out a magnificent Bengali Thali menu for your wedding.

5. Kathiawadi Wedding Thali

Kathiawadi Thali is a vegetarian menu from the Gujarat peninsula of Kathiawar. Gujarati thali consists of only vegetarian dishes that are typically spicy with a hint of sweetness, such as Dal, Kadhi, two to three vegetable preparations such as Rigna Palak nu Shaak (spinach in brinjal curry), sev tamatar nu shaak (sweet-spicy tomato gravy), and kathiawadi dhokali nu shaak (wheat flour dumplings in spicy gravy), bharela ringan (stuffed eggplant), roti (flatbread), bakhri (bread of pearl millet), tikhari (spicy, tangy curry), vaghareli khichdi (a mixture of rice, lentils and spices) and gajar mirch sambhaar (pickled carrots and capsicum) along with khatta dhokla, chaas, methi thepla and shrikhand.

6. Goan Wedding Thali

Seafood, Fish curry and Rice; Goan food is nothing without these. Include some Goan delicacies in your Goan Thali to give a twist to your wedding meal. Guests are gonna lap up every last bit of food on their Thalis, credit to Goan cuisine. Goan cuisine is highly influenced by Portugese cuisine. Their food majorly has coconut & kokum. The basic staples include rice, pork, fish & meat that can add a rich variety to your menu. Some must have dishes for your Thali would be Goan fish curry, chicken cafreal, Pork Vindaloo (remember to hand a water bottle to every guest beforehand), chicken xacuti, sarpotel, and fish recheado. Don’t worry if all these names sound alien to you. Captain Joe is known as the best wedding caterers in Delhi, NCR and we will help you decide the final menu for your wedding feast.

7. Himachal Wedding Thali

This mountain region is famous for its fresh, green produce and their cuisine brims of spicy flavors and rich vegetables. The produce is so fresh here that anything you prepare with them turns out to be magical. A scrumptious Himachal wedding thali is called a Dhaam and includes – rice, roti, daal, rajma, kadi and fresh vegetable salad. You can also add madra, tudkiya baath (a rice variety), spicy lotus stem curry, chha ghosht (lamb, of course), siddu, babru, aktori, and more.

8. South Indian Wedding Thali


The thali would become a banana leaf here because a quintessential South Indian meal should be served on a banana leaf to fully enjoy it. South Indian meal is primarily built around rice. Whether you go for a vegetarian or non-vegetarian menu, you have umpteen choices to fill your thali, sorry, the banana leaf with dishes that are rich in flavour. A traditional South Indian meal would start with fresh fruits and go around the banana leaf to serve raita, koottu, 3 types of curry, chips, payasam, daal, rice, papad, one mixed rice, vada, sambhar, rasam, and finally, curd rice with pickle. If you are already out of breadth seeing the menu, don’t worry. As wedding caterers in Delhi, NCR, we are fully equipped to deliver the tastiest South Indian food for your wedding.

9. Maharashtrian Wedding Thali


Maharashtrian food is influenced by coastal flavors. Their food is also enriched with coconut and kokum, like Goan food, but there is more vegetables and grains included here. If you want to have something with mildly spiced flavors, Maharashtrian food is a good choice for you. Some popular Maharashtrian dishes that our clients ask for are – puran poli (it is generally served in every auspicious ceremony), keri aamti, bombil, sabudana kichdi, bharli vaangi, peas curry with puri, masala bhaat (must have), varan bhaat (our personal favorite), and not to forget, shrikhand (delicious sweet elixir).

10. Assamese Wedding Thali

Assamese wedding food, or the not so popular Aalohir Exaj is a gourmet heaven created through slow cooking techniques that amalgamates strong flavours with sparingly used spices. Assam region is blessed with an abundance of endemic plants, vegetables and animal products that are used in their daily cooking. Being a hilly region, their food is dominated by fermented products and dried foods. A traditional Assamese meal should start with Khar, a curry made with raw papaya, lentils, and powdered dry banana skins. You can then include these into your wedding thali – Pura, Shaak Bhaji, Pitika, and Bor (a type of fried fritters). Tenga, a fish dish is a must have. You can even have a veg version of it, if you choose. Finish the meal with coconut laddoos and rice payas.

Indians lay a lot of emphasis on wedding food. Starting from breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, that too for multiple days, one has to plan a variety of cuisines and dishes to make their guests happy. As the most sought out wedding caterers in the Delhi, NCR region, we have catered to a number of weddings serving various different Indian cuisines. We can help you plan out a menu for your wedding that suits your budget and expectations. Contact Captain Joe’s team today to design the perfect menu for your wedding!

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