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Check out this guide to find the best wedding catering services for your big day.

Congrats, the wedding bells have rung and you’re so excited to begin the next phase of your life. Your wedding day will always hold a special place in your memories. You'll always remember how your partner looked at you as you walked to the mandap, how beautiful your bride/groom looked decked in their bridal attire.

The guests on the other hand will never forget – the food. Yes, the food plays a huge role in how your guests remember your big day. So, you need to ensure that you get it right. In this guide, we help you with a wedding catering checklist to prepare for your big day. Follow this checklist to serve your guests a scrumptious meal.

Wedding Catering Checklist

1: Check the Venue


Have you decided on your wedding venue? Venues often have a list of recommended caterers who have served meals there before. However, it’s not a compulsion that you have to go with the caterer recommended by the venue manager. You are free to go with external wedding caterers of your choice. Make sure to check with the venue manager if external caterers are allowed.

The top wedding caterers in Gurgaon and Delhi usually have experience working at the top venues in the city. So, check with your caterer if they have previously served at the venue. If not, you can connect the venue property manager with your caterer so they can discuss the kitchen facilities available at the venue. This helps the caterer decide how much of the cooking they can do onsite and how much to do offsite at their kitchen.

2: Number of Guests


Knowing the number of guests who will be attending your big day is important as it helps you plan and prepare the food offerings. However, in India, we don’t have the practice of sending in RSVP. So, you’ll have to go with approximate numbers. So, when sending out invites, try to build an estimate of the approximate number of guests who will be attending your big day.

Make sure to convey this number to your caterers so that they can finalize the number of plates for your special day. It's always a good idea to order for extra guests, as some people may come at the last minute. Or other guests can bring over their family and friends.

If there are any leftover meals, you can distribute them to the needy. Check with your caterer if they have any tie-ups with food charities to handle the leftovers.

3: Read Reviews

Finding the best wedding catering services in your city can be an ordeal, especially when there are hundreds of catering companies. So, how do you find which is the best wedding catering service in Gurgaon?

Well, it’s easier than you think! Check reviews of caterers on Google or other unbiased sites. Reading reviews of a caterer gives you a clear picture of their operating style, their specialties and general customer feedback. While reading reviews, we suggest that you take it with a pinch of salt. Everyone has good and bad days, so look for middle of the road reviews to get a better picture of the caterer.

4: Check their Offered Services

Wedding catering is not just about cooking a scrumptious meal for hundreds of guests. There are several other factors to consider like:

  • Does the caterer provide waitstaff, cutlery?
  • Do they offer buffets or only sit-down meals?
  • Can they operate a live food station?
  • Can they offer themed meals that match with the rest of your wedding décor?
  • What's their specialty?

While interviewing caterers, make sure to raise these questions with the shortlisted ones. This can help you choose the right caterer whose services matches with your requirements.

5: Finally, Don’t Forget to Taste the Meal


We cannot stress this enough – you cannot choose a caterer without tasting their meals. Most wedding caterers in Gurgaon offer a full-tasting menu, to help you get an idea of the food quality, serving style and quantity. Some caterers offer free-tasting menus, but most caterers will require you to pay for the test meals. Trust us, you don’t want to skip the tasting. Take along your partner and treat it like a date night and have a romantic evening, while you choose the best catering teams for your big day.

Finally, we highly recommend that you commence your search for wedding catering services in Gurgaon as early as you can. This is because the top wedding caterers in the city are booked far ahead. You don’t want to miss a great caterer just because you started the search late.

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