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Here’s a riddle for you! “Starts with food, there is food in between, and it ends with food” – What Is It? An Indian Wedding, Of Course!

Indian weddings are synonymous with yummy delicacies that are tongue-tickling and tummy filling. In their years of service, Captain Joe, have catered to 100s of weddings with a scrumptious Indian wedding menu that has elated thousands of guests. Time and again, we see our guests requesting these 10 dishes in their Indian wedding menu, every single time. Let us see what those top 10 dishes are and why they are special!

1. Biriyani


Chicken, Mutton, Vegetable, Fish, or Prawns; There is an endless flavors of Biriyani to serve your guests. Latest to join this assortment are jackfruit, paneer and mushroom. Biriyani is an amalgamation of spices and flavor that makes your guests drool. It also makes a great main dish that can be complemented with some yummy, crispy sides and some flavorful gravies. It is also easy to prepare and there is very less chance of things going wrong with Biriyani. It tops the list of must-haves in Indian wedding menu.

2. Kebabs & Tikkas


Wedding feasts are moving away from the traditional dining table servings to buffet style. Guests love to walk around the venue catching up with family and friends, and simple finger foods are becoming quite popular with the crowd. The Indian tandoor has been a benefactor of some yummy finger foods like kebabs and tikkas that would make a great addition to your Indian wedding menu. They are also easy to prepare and can accommodate both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu. Hara-Bhara Kebabs, assorted Tikka platters, and some Sheek Kebabs served with the quintessential ‘green chutney’ are some definite crowd pleasers.

3. Dal Makhani


This creamy side is a great combination with Indian breads, viz., tandoori roti, butter naan, or kulcha; it makes a great dish and is becoming a staple in many Indian wedding menus. This dal recipe's richness and flavorful taste have made it a favorite at weddings and parties in both North and South India. It also makes a great match with Jeera Rice.

4. Butter Chicken


This rick and creamy gravy with some chunky chicken is a popular dish at a wedding. Pair it with some flaky butter naan or masala kulcha to serve your guests a delicious and delectable dish. Though it is a popular Punjabi dish, even South Indians are increasingly falling in love with this gastronomical delight. So you can safely include it in your Indian wedding menu.

5. Shahi Paneer


This is a good alternative for Butter Chicken if you are looking for a vegetarian Indian wedding menu. A simple dish made with onion, tomato and paneer, this dish is sure to win the hearts of your guests. It goes well with some steamed rice or roti.

6. Double Ka Meeta

This Hyderabadi delight is a Nizam era sweet that is rich and creamy, and also one of the easiest to make. It is a regular item on the Indian wedding menus in the ‘City of Nizams’. It is also called ‘Shahi Tukra’ and is made with ghee-roasted bread, some rich cream, and an assortment of saffron and nuts.

7. Jalebi


How can we not include this darling dessert in our Indian wedding menu list when a great many songs have been written about it? A hot jalebi stall, dishing out freshly made, piping hot jalebis is a common sight in every wedding these days. Don’t shy away thinking it might look repetitive to your guests, there is no history so far where guests have refused jalebis.

8. Gulab Jamun


We are bringing in the stars at the last! There is only one rule to serving Gulab Jamuns; they have to be hot and should definitely have vanilla ice cream on the side. Sorry, those were 2 rules, but we can’t see them as separate, for good reasons. It’s not just the Indian wedding menu, Gulab Jamuns are a part of every celebration in India.

9. Gobi 65

We know, this should have been on the top of the list, as an entrée. But as we said, we are saving the stars for the last. Gobi 65 is everyone’s favorite. This crispy and spicy snack is gobbled by kids and elders alike so inform your caterer to be prepared with enough stock.

10. Golgappe


What is it about Golgappes that people queue up even at weddings to devour a few 10s of this chaat? Anyone who loves Indian chats loves this. Crispy, spicy, a burst of flavor in your mouth, fun to eat – the list of its virtues goes on. If you are having an Indian wedding menu, you are having a Golgappe stand; that’s it! There is no argument there.

Indians love food; Indians love celebration; Indians love celebrating with food. Food is a major part of the Indian culture. There are a lot of dishes that you can't avoid at an Indian wedding. The above list is only a glimpse into the wealth of food that is served at an Indian wedding.

Trust your Indian wedding menu planning with experts in this business for decades, Captain Joe. We have catered to 100s of weddings in India. Our Indian wedding packages include a customized menu and a team of professional chefs who will ensure that your wedding is special and memorable.

Call us today and we will start planning your Indian wedding menu with some of the yummiest dishes to celebrate your special day!

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