19 June 2021 | by Captain Joe


The past two years have been unprecedented in several ways. It's put an end to travel plans, changed how we meet and work, how we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and for several couples, it has paused their wedding planning.

But, don’t despair. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Once the majority are vaccinated and we’ve managed to win the virus, things will get back to normal sooner than later. The Indian wedding catering industry believes that large-scale weddings will return, once we’ve turned the corner.

Tip #1: Be Mindful of the Do’s and Don’ts

While it’s easy to get carried away by the excitement of planning your long-awaited wedding, make sure that you don’t throw Covid-19 safety precautions to the wind. Be aware of local and national regulations. Bear in mind that you may have to alter plans if the situation changes unexpectedly. So, be prepared for all contingencies. Accepting that everything may not go according to plan is an excellent way to lower your stress and keep things in control.

Tip #2: Lock in on your Wedding Caterers in Advance

Wedding catering is one of the biggest responsibilities of wedding planning. After all, the food you serve at the event will be remembered and talked about for years to come. So, you want to ensure that you have a great wedding catering services team at your side to handle the different meals.

With the pandemic still looming large, even the best-laid plans can change at the last minute. So, take the time to know your wedding catering team and see how they handle last-minute changes. Check with them if they have any contingency plans, and how they adapt to Covid-19 safety precautions.

Tip #3: Consider a Two-Part Wedding

Some couples have opted to wait until the situation gets back to normal, and when they can have a big guest list and a multi-day celebration. While others want to get married as quickly as they can, even if it’s not possible to invite the entire family. If you fall in the latter category, we totally get you.

You can have a two-part wedding. Organise a small intimate ceremony with just the immediate family and close friends. Later on, when the restrictions are lifted and we’ve put the whole virus behind us, you can have a large family get-together and your wedding reception.

Tip #4: Next Comes the When and Where

The when and where of a wedding is always the most important part. Post Covid-19, it will become even more important. Even if restrictions are lifted, it may not be possible for friends and family to travel overseas or to your dream wedding destination.

If you have planned a destination wedding, it’s a good idea to put it on the backburner. Travel restrictions are likely to change last-minute, so it can add to your stress, especially if there are quarantine requirements still in place.

So, it’s a good idea to plan a wedding somewhere locally where most guests can travel to and from easily and without any hassles.

Tip #5: Get the Help of Professionals

While we recommend hiring professional wedding planners and wedding reception caterers always, we can’t stress that enough especially for weddings post-lockdown. Professional caterers and wedding planners know the ins-and-outs of the Indian wedding catering industry. They can any last-minute changes expertly without stressing out the couple and guests. They can help you make your big day a huge hit, and ensure that everything goes according to plan without any hiccups.

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