06 June 2021 | by Captain Joe


We’re now more than a year and a half into the pandemic and it looks like it will continue for the near future. One of the biggest casualties of the pandemic is “work-from-office.” Today, with several companies announcing permanent work-from-home for their employees, it looks like offices will continue to remain deserted at least for the rest of the year.

Even if employees return to the workplace, it won’t be business as usual. Corporate lunch catering services will have to adapt to the new normal, as it has the potential to emerge as a super-spreader. Lift access, common lobbies, closed corridors make social distancing difficult in offices.

Recent studies indicate that employees are apprehensive about returning to the offices and are concerned about eating at work. So, does that mean employees will have to eat boxed lunches from home at their desks?

No! With years of experience in corporate event catering, we can confidently state that in-office catering will be back, albeit with several changes. In this guide, we take a look at the future of corporate lunch and event catering, so that you can know what to expect.

Enhanced Safety and Hygiene


Office caterers and office administrators will have to follow various governmental guidance on preparing the dining spaces. Here are the three factors to consider:

  • Ensuring physical distancing between employees
  • Understand employee movement and streamline it to minimize the chance of infection
  • Establish a code of conduct and rules for the dining area

Office administrators will have to publish key signage that instructs and reminds employees to follow safety practices at all times. Large fonts, simple language and repeated messaging is essential for successful signage.

Tracing the Journey of Each Meal


While food is not a transmitter of Covid-19 infection, people still want to be assured that what’s on their plate is safe, hygienic and healthy. As one of the top food companies in Gurgaon, Captain Joe has taken the following measures to ensure the safety of each meal we deliver:

  • Food prepared and handled by staff who sanitize regularly, wear hair net, face mask, face shields and gloves. All our kitchen staff undergo temperature checks on a daily basis and often several times through the day.
  • High-quality and fresh ingredients sourced from trusted local vendors.
  • No open dishes. Each individual meal is packed and covered with foil and plastic wrap. The same applies to cutlery, plates and serving ware.

Serving Food in the Most Hygienic Way


Buffets, open salad bars, communal eating have been laid to rest for the foreseeable future. No matter how delicious the meal, people will not enjoy it if they are worried about the safety and hygiene of the food. A recent trend in corporate lunch catering services is individually packaged food. Be it for regular workday office lunches, a corporate gala event or boardroom lunch, customers prefer individually packed food boxes that can be served with minimal contact.

Corporate Catering is NOT Gone, but has Changed to Adapt to the New Normal

Serving Food in the Most Hygienic Way

The best memories are those that are made around a plate of delicious food.

The core idea behind corporate catering is to bring people together over a shared meal. With social distancing, masking and sanitizing, it may seem overwhelming to serve a healthy and safe in-office meal. While it may be challenging, it’s not impossible. By making slight adjustments to the serving procedure, you can still enjoy the communal spirit of an in-office meal and keep the buzz alive!

It's true that catering at offices will not be the same as before. The best catering services have adapted and innovated office catering to ensure maximum safety in the new normal. At Captain Joe, we strongly believe that good food has the power to make people healthier and happier. This is why, we have radically revised the way we operate to ensure the maximum safety precautions.

So, stop your search for the best catering near me and give Captain Joe a ring today. We’ll organise the best meals for your specific needs at the best budget. Start planning the meals for your upcoming celebration with Captain Joe and create the best memories with friends, colleagues and family.

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