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Kids parties and sugary treats go hand in hand. After all, it’s a party and what better way to celebrate than indulging in tasty but unhealthy treats?!! If you’re worried about your children and little guests consuming copious amounts of sugar, fat and other junk foods at the party, worry not, we’ve got your back!

You can celebrate your little one’s special day, by serving healthy treats! Yes, your kid's birthday party food menu can be healthy as well as fun. In this guide, we have collected some of the best healthy kids' party food choices that are fun, delicious, colourful and healthy. We promise you that your tiny guests will keep asking more of these tasty and healthy treats!

Let’s start planning a healthy menu for birthday party at home:

Fruit Platters


Fruit platters are easy to make, fun to serve and colourful. Chop up seasonal fruits in various shapes. Use cookie cutters to create some fun shapes. Serve the fruits in a platter along with a few dips like honey, peanut butter, almond butter and other nut butters. You can even skewer cut fruits on a kebab stick and serve it as a fruit wand.

Vegetable Wands


Just like fruits, you can serve salad vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, capsicum on a kebab stick and serve it as a vegetable wand for each kid. Make sure to provide some healthy dips like salsa to make it more interesting.

Savoury Bites


Kids love munching on snacks during the party. But that doesn’t mean you have to serve them oily, prepacked chips and other junk foods. There are several savoury choices that are healthy as well as easy to make. Here are some interesting savoury snacks that are healthy:

  • Mini pizza – When parents think of pizza, they assume that it’s unhealthy. But, no! Pizza made from scratch without any preservatives and additives is healthy and filling. To make it healthier, top it up with plenty of veggies and fresh meat.
  • Spaghetti – Homemade spaghetti is another tasty treat that your little ones will love. For a vegetarian dish, add paneer and for non-vegetarian eaters you can top it with meatballs.
  • Popcorn – Though a popular snack, popcorn is very healthy. You can make it interesting by setting up a popcorn bar with different varieties like butter popcorn, masala popcorn, etc.
  • Sandwiches – Good ol’ sandwiches are filling as well as healthy. Use eggs, potato or any other flavouring that you like. You can make sandwiches fun by cutting them with cookie cutters in fun shapes like stars, diamonds, circles, etc.

Healthy Drink Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Parties


Running around and playing can make the little ones thirsty and parched during the party. Colas and aerated drinks are loaded with sugar and other chemicals – not a good choice for little ones. Here are some alternative tasty drinks that are also healthy:

  • Lime and Mint Water Infusion – Clean and slice a few lemons and mint leaves. Drop them into a water canister and serve this infused water throughout the party, to keep the little ones refreshed.
  • Pink Lemonade – This is a fun treat, which little ones will love. Make lemonade as usual and add a few drops of natural pink food colouring (or dried beet powder). Serve chilled.
  • Homemade fruit smoothies – You can make fruit smoothies in any flavour using seasonal fruits. Whip up a couple of fruits together for interesting combinations and flavours.

Fun Kids’ Birthday Party Snack Ideas


  • Fruit roll-ups
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Homemade jelly
  • Ice-cream – a kids’ birthday party is incomplete without ice-cream. You can easily make ice-cream at home using seasonal fruits and fresh cream.

Finally, when it comes to the birthday cake, don’t worry about the sugar and fats. Instead, look for a baker who uses premium ingredients and makes the cake fresh on order. Now, that you’ve decided on the menu for kids’ birthday party, it’s time to start the planning. Reach out to Captain Joe, the no.1 event caterer in Gurgaon and start ordering the food for the special event.

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