20 July 2021 | by Captain Joe


Until last year, the phrase “A Small Indian wedding” was an oxymoron! After all, how can you have a small wedding, when you’ve got to invite the entire clan of aunts, uncles, first cousins, second cousins, neighbours, acquaintances, friends and the rest of the town!

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more couples are tying the knot in a small intimate ceremony. In fact, 2021 could be the turning point for wedding caterers in Delhi NCR and Indian weddings forever.

Small intimate weddings are not new – but they’ve certainly become popular after the pandemic. Couples choose small weddings for several reasons – to keep the celebration budget-friendly, a more intimate experience and now with travel and government restrictions, small weddings are the biggest trend right now.

What’s technically a small wedding?


First, let’s get the nomenclature right. A small wedding (or micro wedding) is a celebration with 50 guests or less. The lesser the number of guests, the more intimate the celebration is. Couples can make it a hyper personal event by just inviting only the close circle – immediate family of the bride and groom, and a few close friends.

Where to host a small wedding?


The biggest benefit of a small wedding is that you’ve got plenty of choices for the venue. The wedding can be hosted in your home, a resort or any other small and cosy environment. If you have a large backyard, you can host the wedding right there or plan it at your favourite neighbourhood café by renting out the space for a few hours. The best wedding food companies in Gurgaon now offer special packages for at-home weddings with creative wedding catering menu ideas.

Wedding Planning Tips to Pull Off a Small Intimate Wedding


Planning a small wedding is technically easier than organising a large wedding with hundreds of guests. Still there are a few nuances to it. As the top wedding caterers in Delhi NCR, we’ve rounded a few tips to plan a top-notch and memorable small wedding ceremony.

1.Limit your Guest List


This may seem pretty straightforward but can be challenging to execute, especially in our country, where everyone you know in life expects to be invited to your wedding. Keep the guest list short, keeping in mind national and local social gathering guidelines. If you’re not inviting someone, be honest with them and let them know that they are still a part of your celebrations, even if they are not invited physically.

  • Include only the closest family of the bride and groom along with your tight group of friends.
  • Start by curating a list of the most important people in your life.
  • Let guests know that it’s a small wedding party, so that they don’t bring along other guests who are not invited.
  • Invite people to attend your event virtually. This is a great way to make the others feel part of your celebrations, even if they can’t attend in person. Live telecast the ceremony on Zoom, so everyone can join in from the comfort of their homes.
  • If you want a large ceremony, but it isn’t possible due to the Coronavirus situation, hold the actual wedding now as a small event, and plan a bigger celebration afterwards.

2. Make the Event Extra Personal


The biggest perk of a small intimate wedding celebration is that you can make it extremely personalised to create an intimate celebration that you can cherish for years. Here are a few ways to add cute personal touches to the event.

  • Personalised Wedding Invites – Since you’ll be sending out at the max 50 invites, you can splurge on personalised save-the-date cards to make the event feel intimate.
  • Choose a Venue that’s close to your Heart – With a limited wedding guest list, the number of wedding options are many. You can choose a venue that’s close to your love story – the café where you first met your partner, your favourite gallery, your childhood backyard and so on.
  • Involve your guests in the Wedding Planning – You can ask everyone present at the venue to read out a special wish for the bride and groom. They can even share their best tips on how to have a great married life.
  • Customise the Wedding Menu – With fewer guests, you can go all out creative and innovative with your wedding menu. Include foods that tell your love story, like the meal you order when you go out on date nights. Captain Joe, the best catering team in Gurgaon can help you craft a unique customised menu that tells your love story. We also offer outdoor catering services like food stations where guests can pick and choose what they want.
  • Focus on the Small Details – With only a handful of guests, you can go overboard with customised return gifts, thank you notes without blowing your budget. Distribute a hand-written note to each of your guest thanking them for being there for you.
  • Make it a Wedding Weekend – Instead of a single day ceremony, you can plan for a wedding weekend. Since, there are only a handful of guests you can splurge on a weekend resort stay. Plan some activities for everyone so that they can all enjoy the time together. It’s a great way for the bride and groom’s family to bond.

Finally, just because the wedding is small, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your wedding day dreams. Make each moment count with a small intimate wedding ceremony. For the best catering for small weddings in Gurgaon, Delhi and NCR, reach out to Captain Joe. With years of experience catering to Indian weddings of all sizes, we will make sure that your special day remains extra special, even if there are only a few guests. Get in touch with our team to start planning a small intimate wedding in Gurgaon.

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