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Today, food and snack ideas are the main focus on any party. So, if you or your children are throwing a party, then you will need to keep the food options for your guests in mind. Party food can be expensive, especially if you are catering a large party or having a large amount of guests. It is easy to get caught up in the ideas and spend a lot of money on party food without considering what is best on a budget.

A budget party doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing party. It simply means you have to be careful with the money you’re spending. If you want to have a party without breaking your budget, then you will need to find some easy low cost party food ideas for the ultimate budget party. The best way to do this is to plan ahead and think about what you have on hand and what you will be able to purchase with your budget.

1. Make It A Potluck


Potluck parties are super easy to throw and usually the most budget-friendly. With a potluck party, everyone brings their own food and drinks, and the host puts the food and drinks together as needed. You can also present this as an idea where everybody gets to show off their cooking skills.

2. Go With Finger Foods


It is easy to make finger foods with basic ingredients. They are very easy to make and most people have a basic array of ingredients at home that they can use to make an array of finger foods. You can buy some kid-favourite finger foods such as chips, popcorn, and cookie bites. No better way to have low cost party food while not compromising on the taste factor.

3. Make Your Own Pizza Or Tacos


Kids especially like it when the pizza is theirs. There are many simple recipes for pizza that are easy to make on a budget. If the party is for kids at home and they love pizza, then you can arrange the ingredients and let them make their own inexpensive pizza that is simple and easy to make. These days, tacos are also becoming everyone’s favourite. One can easily make tacos with store bought taco shells, some simple salad and baked beans. Kids or grown-ups, everyone will love making their own simple snack.

4. Simple Sandwiches And Burgers


Sandwiches and burgers are a great way to have a party on a budget. You can use store bought ingredients or you can make your own. With a bit of creativity and planning, you can make simple sandwiches and burgers without spending a lot of money. These are simple, yet tasty low cost party food that are sure to impress the crowd.

5. Home Bake Some Cookies And Cupcakes


A cookie or cake is a great party snack. Bake your own cookie or cake using your own ingredients. Make your own treats to impress your guests. It is a fun way to help keep the cost down without the big price tags. From birthday cakes and brownies to cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops, these desserts are great for the budget party. By planning ahead, you can make your own, low cost party food instead of spending a bomb on these from outside.


You just need a bit of planning and effort to create a great budget party. With the above low cost party food ideas, you will be rewarded with a fabulous party that your guests will talk about for a long time. These ideas help you personalize your party with your own food and snack ideas. You can always order food online and get them delivered to your home or the party venue.

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