16 August 2021 | by Captain Joe


Wedding catering is more than preparing the meals on your big day. The wedding caterers will also play a crucial role in coordinating the whole event. They are in-charge for the flow of the meals, renting tableware, cutlery, serving the wedding cake, providing your guests with welcome beverages and more!

So, after you shortlist the best wedding catering services in Gurgaon, make sure to ask them these questions, before you make a final decision.

#1: Is the wedding caterer booked for any other event on the same weekend or same day?


Here’s why you should ask this: Sometimes popular caterers take on two or more events on the same day. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, if you require exquisite attention from the catering team on your big day, then make sure to get it clarified with them and see that they are available exclusively for your big day.

#2: What’s their catering style?


Here’s why you should ask this: Different wedding catering services have different specialties. For example, some caterers specialise in vegetarian foods and do not handle non-vegetarian foods. Other caterers are known for their North-Indian menus, while others may have a slight edge in South-Indian meals.

Choosing a caterer who has the right resources, right chefs and right experience in handling your preferred menu style will give you much better and tastier results.

#3: Does the caterer offer full-service?


Here’s why you should ask this: Some wedding caterers offer only the meals. Whereas other caterers like Captain Joe, offer full-service meals. This means, they handle everything from the table settings, service staff, cutlery, crockery to clean-up.

#4: Does the caterer offer only packages?


Here’s why you should ask this: Most wedding caterers offer packages. This means, you have to choose from a pre-defined menu. If this is the case, you don’t have much room to customise and have to go with what’s offered.

At Captain Joe, we understand your desire to offer your guests a unique and customised dining experience. Hence, we give our clients the full freedom to mix and match. Select any number of starters, main courses, breads, side dishes, desserts and beverages as per your requirements. There is no pre-fixed choice.

#5: Can the caterer handle special dietary needs?


Here’s why you should ask this: Today, guests have special dietary requirements either for their medical needs or lifestyle needs. Check with your wedding caterer in Gurgaon if they can prepare gluten-free, keto, pure vegetarian, vegan, or halal meals for a few guests. And, if yes, what’s the additional fee.

#6: How many weddings they have handled in the past?


Here’s why you should ask this: An expert wedding caterer has plenty of experience handling things that go wrong. Look for specialised wedding caterers to ensure that your big day proceeds as per plan, without any glitches. You can also check Google reviews of the caterer to know the feedback of previous clients.

#7: Ask if the caterer can share photos of previous weddings they have catered?


Here’s why you should ask this: This gives you an idea of their catering style. See if it matches the vision of your wedding day, that you have in mind.

#8: Can I have a tasting menu?


Here’s why you should ask this: Most wedding caterers provide prospective clients with a tasting menu. Think of this as a trial run to the big day. You can taste all the meals that will be served on your big day, provide feedback and make any changes if needed.

#9: What is your special dish?


Here’s why you should ask this: Every wedding caterer has a signature dish that is their trademark. While it’s not necessary that you should order their special dish, you can ask this question to find out their best catering style and see if it matches your requirements.

#10: What is the portion size?


Here’s why you should ask this: This is a key question that you should ask. After all, you don’t want your guests to leave with a half-full tummy. Look for caterers who offer generous servings per plate.

#11: Where will you prepare the food?


Let your guests know exactly what to expect at the party. For example, if you’re just serving snacks, let your guests know, “we’ll have snacks and wind up the party by 7 pm so you can go home in time for dinner.” This helps guests know what to expect and plan the rest of the day accordingly.

#12: Do you have a plan to handle extra guests?


Let’s face it: RSVPs at Indian weddings are a big joke. While most brides and grooms require guests to send in their RSVPs before the big day, not all guests do. So, you need to ensure that the caterer is equipped to handle extra guests. Check if they have a plan in place to handle any goof-ups and other unexpected scenarios on your big day.

#13: Ask who will be in-charge on your big day?


Here’s why you should ask this: Ideally, you should introduce the catering manager with your wedding coordinator so that they can work out the issues and coordinate by themselves without disturbing the bride and groom or their family members for each small detail.

Now, that you know what to ask your wedding caterer, it’s time to find the best wedding caterers in Gurgaon. With years of experience handling events of all sizes in and around Gurgaon, Captain Joe is your go-to team on your big day. So, what are you waiting for? Use our online menu tool and start finalising the menu for your big day!

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