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Let's face it – we all have the burning desire to throw a kick-ass legendary party. But the problem is – we don’t have a bottomless budget! Well, believe us when we say that you don’t have to spend a fortune to host an awesome party. Yes, you can have a big party on a small budget.

As one of the top food companies in Gurgaon, we’ve been a part of hundreds of parties across the city. From small intimate gatherings of just 10 people to large-scale galas of 500+ guests, we’ve catered to numerous parties over the years. So, you can trust us to know a few things about party planning. In this post, we share our tips and hacks to host an awesome party without burning a hole in your pocket. Let's get started!

#1: Take the DIY Route for the Décor


This is one of the best tips to cut down your party budget significantly. Visit a party store in your neighbourhood and pick up party supplies like ribbons, bows, colour papers, streamers, balloons, etc. Next, unleash your creativity to create party decor with the supplies in hand.

#Party Planning Tip: Before you visit the decor store, it’s helpful to decide on a colour scheme. Choose one or two theme colours and pick up supplies in these colours, so that your decor is cohesive.

#2: Go for a Pot Luck Party


Pot lucks are a great way to socialise and try out different dishes. Every guest can bring one or two dishes and everyone gets to enjoy all these dishes. This way, the food menu is varied and also budget-friendly as everyone shares the cost.

If you do not want to burden guests with bringing a dish, then no worries – you've got Captain Joe to help. We offer party food at budget-friendly prices. Use our online menu planner to start planning your birthday party menu on a budget. You can mix and match starters, main courses, desserts as per your budget.

#3: Use Fairy Lights


Did you know that the right lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood of the party? Instead of harsh tubelights, go for soft romantic lighting using strings of fairy lights. You can also light up tea candles in mason jars to create a moody, dreamy effect.

#4: Plan Only What is Essential


Okay, we all want to throw an Instagram-worthy party. But, will people actually notice? Will your guests miss the expensive petit-fours that you set out? Or will they prefer a hearty meal with good company, good music and good conversation? Instead, of spending a fortune on extra details, you can keep your budget small by planning only what is essential.

#5: Save Money for the Party in Advance


This is a popular hack made famous by none other than Oprah. Start building a party fund months ahead in advance. You can have a jar in your home and drop in loose change in it. So, by the time you are ready to host the party, you would have accumulated some extra money in this jar, that you can splurge on fancy items for the party.

#6: Be Ready to Accept Favours from Friends and Families


Very often, when we invite people to a party, they ask, “What can I bring?” As hosts, we think that we should handle all the details. But you don’t have to decline their offers! Do you need someone to bring a dessert? Or check if your friends have extra paper plates and towels at home which they can bring?

#7: Order High-Volume, Low-Cost Foods


This is another party trick that can help you stay within budget. High-volume foods are foods that filling and feed a ton of people. Some popular choices include noodles, pasta, briyani, pulao, etc. These dishes do not cost a ton and help people feel full as well.

#8: Take the Vegetarian Route


It's no surprise non-vegetarian foods are more expensive compared to veggie meals. If you’re on a budget, you can skip the meat and chicken and go vegetarian-friendly. Another huge advantage of vegetarian meals is that everyone can enjoy them, irrespective of their religion and dietary restrictions. We highly recommend a less spicy vegetarian birthday party menu for kids, Indian to keep it kid-friendly.

#9: Time the Party Right


If you would like to keep the budget small, then host a high-tea party that starts at 4.00 pm and ends around 6.30 pm. This way, you don’t have to provide a full meal, instead you can serve small eats, snacks, and hot beverages, thereby keeping your budget low.

#10: Finally, Set the Right Expectations


Let your guests know exactly what to expect at the party. For example, if you’re just serving snacks, let your guests know, “we’ll have snacks and wind up the party by 7 pm so you can go home in time for dinner.” This helps guests know what to expect and plan the rest of the day accordingly.

Wrapping Up

A super awesome party doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Remember, it’s all about enjoying the event with good company, good music and good food. None of these things have to do with how much you spend. So, plan accordingly and rope in < a href="https://www.captainjoe.in/"> budget outdoor caterers in Gurgaon like Captain Joe to throw a kick-ass party within your budget.

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