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Birthday Party Catering Menu

Organizing a child's birthday party is indeed a challenging task for parents. And, with the Covid-19 restrictions, it becomes doubly hard. Worry not, Captain Joe, to your rescue. As the top birthday party caterer in Gurgaon, we have tons of experience designing the perfect birthday menu for kids – be it at home or elsewhere.

Pull out your notepads, roll up your sleeves, and start planning the perfect kids' birthday party menu.

Before we get into the Birthday Party Catering Menu suggestions, here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing the birthday party food menu:

  • Decide the time of the event – some people organize an elaborate dinner or lunch, while others prefer keeping it a simple affair like a tea party – with just cake and snacks. The choice is yours. You can go for a small tea party for younger kids, and for older kids, you can opt for a grander event.

  • Consider allergies – Make sure to check with parents if their kids are allergic to certain foods.

  • If you're planning to serve non-vegetarian foods - make sure to prepare a list of vegetarian eaters so that you can fill them separately. Additionally, don't forget to ask parents for any dietary restrictions beforehand.

  • Opt for non-messy foods – Let’s agree that kids – irrespective of their ages – are messy eaters. You don’t want your guests to go home with food stains on their gorgeous party wear. So, make sure to serve non-messy foods like muffins, finger sandwiches at the party.

  • Include kid-friendly foods – Most kids love to have certain ingredients like potatoes, cauliflower, sweet corn, paneer, baby corn, cheese, and fruits. So, include these popular ingredients on the Birthday Party food Menu to make it a hit with your young guests.

  • If you're inviting just the kids for a tea party, keep the food simple – just a drink, snack, cake, and dessert is a great option. You can skip the main course. If you're inviting parents and the kids, you can go for more elaborate options.

  • Avoid aerated drinks - like Pepsi, coco-cola as most parents do not offer these to their kids. Instead, serve fresh fruit juices.

  • Don’t force any kid - to eat something he/she doesn’t like. Instead, allow them to choose what they want to add on their plate.

What comes under our Birthday Party Catering Menu?

Welcome Drink


As soon as the guests arrive, serve them a cold/hot drink, depending on the weather. Here are a few options to consider:

Lemon juice Mojito mocktail Mango squash
Buttermilk or chaas Rose milk Badam milk
Hot chocolate Coconut water Fresh milkshakes
Smoothies Tomato soup Sweet corn soup

Make sure to have plenty of bottled/purified water in hand, to serve among the guests, as the party progresses.

Starters/Finger Foods


Kids are so excited at a birthday party that they don't want to sit down and eat elaborate meals. The ideal choice is to circulate – finger foods (or small bites) among the guests. Make sure that you have plenty of finger foods to go around. Here are specific options to consider:

French Fries Potato Smileys/Wedges Garlic bread
Cheese sticks Samosa Muffins
Breadsticks Vegetable cutlet Sliced apple with caramel
Veggie kebab sticks Onion pakoda Gobi 65/baby corn 65
Bread pakoda Bread toast South Indian vada
Momos Mini spring rolls Bondas
Idli fry Sabudana vada Falafel

Main Course


You can skip the main course if it's a small tea-party. If you decide to serve the main course, make sure that it's less spicy and includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to please all guests. Here are a few popular suggestions to consider:

Mac and cheese Pizza Pav bhaji
Waffles Mini dosas Puri masala
Veg Hakka noodles Fried rice Roti and channa
Stuffed kulcha Aloo/Paneer paratha Mini idlis with sambar and chutney
Vegetable Frankie Mini burger Pasta – red or white sauce
Sandwich Pulao Curd rice



If you're having a full-fledged dinner or lunch, you need to include salads in your menu to satisfy the health-conscious guests. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

Mixed sprouts salad Corn and cheese salad Tomato salsa
Cucumber salad Cold potato salad Mixed fruit salad



Of course, the cake is the centerpiece of the event. However, you can also include a couple of other dessert options to end the party on a sweet note. You can even set up a dessert corner in your dining room so that your tiny guests can choose what they want. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

Ice cream Gulab jamun Carrot halwa
Badam kheer Phirni Falooda
Rasgulla Fresh fruits Brownies

Finally, remember that it’s all about creating happy memories for your child and his/her friends. So, make sure that you include foods that are a favorite with kids.

At Captain Joe, we offer extensive menus for kids' birthday parties in Gurgaon. Get in touch with our team to customize your kids' birthday party menu. We offer hygienically prepared food, safely packaged, and delivered right at your doorstep, ready for serving.

Give us a ring today to start planning the Birthday Party Catering Menu for the next birthday party at home!

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