11 Sep 2020 | by Captain Joe


Not sure what’s the best menu for the birthday party of your child? Captain Joe is here to lend you a helping hand! As Gurgaon's best caterer for kids' birthday parties, we have an array of menu ideas that your little guests (and adults) are sure to gobble up.

1. Ice-cream Sundae Bar


"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream." Is there any kid who doesn't love ice-cream? Order a couple of tubs of ice-cream. Prepare an array of toppings – birthday cake pieces, cookie bits, chocolate chips, mixed fruit jam, candy bits, sprinkles, and more. Let the children choose how they want to decorate their sundae. Make sure to set up the ice-cream bar in a separate room so that any potential accidents can be cleaned up quickly, without disturbing the rest of the party. Include plenty of paper napkins, fancy spoons, and bowls to make it feel like the real deal.

2. Mini Pizzas


Pizzas are a must on any birthday menu – be it for adults or children. Having mini pizzas is a great way to get every one of your little guests to eat, even the fussy and picky eaters. Mini pizzas are ideal for kids as they can easily pick it up. When ordering pizzas, make sure to include a variety of toppings. Don't forget to have a couple of vegetarian options for the vegetarians.

3. Veggie Platters


Who said kids’ birthday party food cannot be healthy? Including veggie platters on your child's bday party menu is a great way to offer a wholesome meal choice. It's sure to be appreciated by the parents who are worried about their children gorging on cake, cookies, and ice-cream.

Although plenty of kids are fussy when it comes to eating their veggies, you can still make it appealing by focussing on the presentation. Cut different vegetables into fun shapes. Include fancy dips like mayo, mint chutney, tomato ketchup – to add to the taste.

Get creative with your presentation. Cut the veggies to look like your child's favourite character. Carrots can be the legs and arms, broccoli for the hair, olives for eyes, etc.

4. Fruit Skewers


Your little guests are sure to enjoy fruits more than veggies. Include both veggies and fruits to make it a healthy and wholesome snack. Just like veggies, fruits can be cut and presented in creative ways. For example, bananas can be shaped like Minions, watermelon to look like an owl, etc.

5. Chocolate Wands


If your child loves magic and wands, then this makes a great addition to the menu for a birthday party at home. Bake cookies in the shape of long sticks and coat it with baking chocolate. Alternatively, you can purchase store-bought breadsticks and decorate it with chocolate, sprinkles, and candy.

6. Bite-sized Sandwiches


What’s a child’s birthday party without fancy sandwiches? Sandwiches are a popular snack on kids’ birthday party menu Indian foods. Make a platter of bite-sized sandwiches with a variety of fillings like cucumber mayo, chicken, egg, etc. You can even cut the sandwiches in fun shapes like hearts, stars, or rounds using cookie cutters. Sandwiches are not only an instant hit with kids but are also hearty and filling.

7. Potato Chips


Potato chips are a classic kids' birthday party menu item. Make sure that you get party bags of potato chips. Instead of store-bought ones, you can also make it at home. Serve chips in a large bowl along with a couple of dips.

8. Popcorn


Just like potato chips, popcorn is another favourite among kids. You can make popcorn quickly at home. Toss in a couple of flavourings – cheese, caramel, tomato – to provide kids with plenty of choices.

9. Cupcakes


Instead of ordering a large cake for cutting, you can keep it small. Serve your guests with individual cupcakes. Cupcakes are incredibly easy to serve and are mess-free. The cupcakes can match the central cake's theme, or you can make it colourful to add variety to the party.

10. Finally, don’t forget the Drinks


After munching on all the snacks on this list, kids are sure to get thirsty. Make sure that you have plenty of mineral water on hand. Including a colourful punch or fruit juice is a great way to get kids excited.

You can turn your child's birthday party into a memorable event using our list of party snacks. These snacks are sure to be a massive hit among your little guests (and the adults). For more creative and innovative kids' birthday party dishes, reach out to Captain Joe. We can customise the food to suit the theme and budget of your party. Just give us a ring and let Captain Joe wow your guests with delicious party food.

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