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What You Need to Consider Before Setting up a Food Station at Your Wedding

Food stations are the latest trend in wedding catering. Whether it’s a hot live dosa counter or a sweet dessert table, you can find food stations cropping up at weddings across the country.

Indian weddings are long multi-day celebrations, and food stations are a great way to appease hungry tummies between meals. Here, in today’s post, we give you a list of unique food stations to impress your guests on your big day.


What You Need to Consider Before Setting up a Food Station at Your Wedding:

  • Is there a suitable space available for setting up the food station at your wedding venue?

  • Is it possible to set up the station by yourself or do you require the help of your catering team?

  • If it needs a catering team, how many staff do you need to man it?

  • How many guests will you be inviting for your wedding?
  • How many stations do you plan on setting up?

  • What about the setup and styling?

It’s important to note here that different food stations require different types of handling. For instance, a candy buffet can be set up the day before the big event and doesn’t require outstanding staff. On the other hand, a pizza or dosa counter needs to be set up only a few hours before the event and involves the team to handle it.

List of Wedding Food Stations that You Can Organise by Yourself

These are simple to set up and can be put together the day before the event if you have access to the wedding hall. You can assign the task of setting up this station to a few members of your bridal party – like your aunts, cousins, and girlfriends.

Popcorn Station


The easiest and cheapest food counter to set up. Popcorn is a universally loved food and is perfect for eating on the go. They can be served anytime – before the big ceremony, during, and even after dinner. What more, you can set up the station, and your guests can help themselves whenever they fancy a bite.

Candy Buffets and Sweet Bars


Set up a food counter with all your favorite childhood candies. Rock candy, lollipops, and other bite-sized treats – are sure to take your guests on a trip down memory lane. Just like the popcorn station, this one is also self-serve.

Wedding Stations that Require Help from Your Caterers

These are stations where you need manned staff to serve guests, set up their treats, and more. The best part about these stations is that they provide high customization. Your guests can choose what they want and get it served exactly, according to their taste preferences.



This is perfect for guests who want something to munch on in between the big meals. You can set up a delectable grazing table with – cheeses, dips, crackers, bread, fruits, vegetables, salads, dressings, and cold meats. Guests can pick and choose and select whatever they fancy.

Dessert Tables


This works well for all who have a sweet tooth. Cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, lemon bars, mini pies, dessert jars – the options are endless. The best part, this food station doesn’t just taste good but also looks gorgeous.

Donut Walls


Is there anyone who doesn’t love biting into a sweet, crisp donut? Donuts are minicircles of happiness that put a smile on everyone’s face. Mix and match flavors and shapes to create eye-catching treats. Instead of arranging donuts on the table, hang them on walls using fancy strings to style them uniquely.

Pizza Bars


Everyone from small kids to adults loves pizzas. Setting up a hot pizza station is sure to thrill your guests. You can opt for classics like pepperoni, Margherita, or go desi with chicken tikka, butter chicken pizzas, and more.

Better still, present the toppings and get your guests to choose from the available list to create unique pizzas.

Taco and Nacho Bars


These Mexican treats are all the rage right now. They are perfect for cocktail hours or your dandiya nights. After burning all those calories on the dance floor, your guests will undoubtedly appreciate these spicy and munchy snacks.

Sushi Food Station


This is an unconventional choice but works well with adventurous eaters on your guest list. Before you decide on a sushi station, make sure that your caterer knows how to set up one. After all, you don’t want your guests to leave with an upset tummy.

Ice-cream Bar


The perfect way to end a heavy meal. Ice-creams are a massive hit with all guests, young and old. If your wedding is on a warm sunny day, then this is the perfect food station to get your guests to cool down. Arrange a sundae bar by providing your guests with an assortment of flavors, toppings, and sauces. Get the ice-cream servers to whip up customized treats, as per guest demands.

Cotton Candy Station


This is a fun station that is nostalgic. Set up a cotton candy bar in various colors and watch the faces of your guests light up with joy. If possible, get your caterer to rent a cotton candy machine and create them right on the spot.

Asian Food Station


You have plenty of choices from Chinese to Thai to Korean to Japanese delicacies. You can either choose a particular country or showcase the best of culinary highlights from various countries. Momos, dim sums, satays, noodles – are some of the popular options.

Live Grill and BBQ Stations

These are perfect for winter weddings. Hot meats freshly grilled and dipped in yummy sauces is sure to make your guests feel warm and beat the winter blues.

Final Thoughts – Styling Your Wedding Food Station

Hopefully, this gives you plenty of ideas and inspiration for picking the right food stations for your big day. Remember that selecting the food station is just the first step. What matters more is the styling to create a stunning visual impact. Work with your caterer to find the best ways to style your wedding food stations and impress your guests.

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