25 April 2018 | by Captain Joe

Planning an event – irrespective of the size is an anxiety-inducing ordeal. Deciding on the guest list, finalizing a venue, shortlisting a theme - there are umpteen tasks to take care of. On top of this, you have to deal with several professionals like decorators, event planners, entertainment professionals, caterers, and others.

Here, in this guide, we give you a few pointers on how to get the most out of your catering company; after all, the food is the single most crucial component of any event.

Working with a catering company can either be a breeze or headache-inducing. It all depends on the catering professionals you choose. Now, we come to the pressing question; you’re bound to have – how do I pick the right experienced catering team for my special event?

Here, at Captain Joe, our culinary team has got together to give you a few pointers on how to get the most out of your food caterers in Gurgaon.

Expert Tip #1: Look for Trusted Reviews


Checking out internet reviews is an excellent place to start. But, sadly, the internet is filled with false reviews that have been published by the catering agency itself. When shortlisting food catering companies, make sure to take a hard and close look at online reviews. Do they feel authentic? Or are they all full of high praise about the catering team, without giving any specifics?

If possible, get in touch with catering companies that you have shortlisted and ask them to provide you with previous client referrals. Good catering agencies, who take pride in their work, will not hesitate to supply you with details about former clients.

And, when you contact previous clients, make sure to inquire about more than just the taste of the food. Ask questions about the quality of the dishes, the professionalism of the team, their service, and their willingness to accommodate changes, and so on.

This helps you to get a rounded opinion about the catering agency’s expertise, experience and their dedication to the job.

Expert Tip #2: Make sure to ask the Right Questions


While choosing an event catering company, there are two pressing questions on everyone’s mind:

1. Will you be able to serve food within my budget?

2. How many people can you serve?

While these two are, no doubt, essential questions, there are several other actual queries that you have to ask to help you make an informed decision. Here, at Captain Joe, we recommend that you add the following questions to the list of ones you ask your food caterer.

Are you a full-service catering company? Or do they prepare the food? (Side-note: Full-service catering companies are ones who take care of the entire process from food preparation, to setting up the tables, serving and clean-up after the event).

What are the foodservice options you provide? (Some of the popular choices include buffets, plated dinners, thaali meals, fine-dining, family-style, specialty tables, etc.)

Do you serve cocktails at the event? If no, do you have any vendor who will be able to do it on your behalf?

What’s your specialty dish? What type of cuisines are you comfortable working with?

Where do you source your ingredients? Will they be fresh?

How will you transport the food to the event? Or will you prepare it in the kitchens of the venue?

How will you keep food hot/cold until the time of serving?

What is the procedure for leftovers? Do you charge extra to box up the leftovers for guests to take home?

Can you make foods that aren’t on your menu?

Do you allow customization, or should I choose from a pre-set package?

This set of questions will ensure that both you and the catering team are on the same page when it comes to the foodservice for your event.

Expert Tip #3: Don’t skip Tasting at any Costs


Food tasting is more than a way to get a free lunch. It ensures that the catering company you choose matches your vision for the event. This is your chance to get to taste the actual dishes before the big day and suggest suitable changes, if any.

Don’t be hesitant to speak out, just because you feel like you’re hurting the chef’s feelings. After all, it pays to clear the air before the event, rather than on your special day. Remember, this is the time to make changes and suggest alterations, and not ten minutes before the event is served on the day.

Expert Tip #4: Try to take advantage of Package Deals


Most catering companies offer package deals. These are not only easy to manage but are also highly pocket-friendly. Additionally, choosing a catering package has several other benefits. Your catering team has prepared the menus on the package several times before, so they aren’t likely to mess it up. Also, since a package is chosen with great care, it suits different taste preferences, providing something for everyone.

Expert Tip #5: Clear Communication is of Essence


Once you have chosen the right catering company, the next step is to have transparent and open communication channels. Ask your catering team to assign a single person who will be your point-of-contact throughout the project. Similarly, assign a “single person” on your side to do all the speaking and coordinating on your behalf with the culinary manager, chef, and other servers.

This helps to streamline communications and avoid all confusion like “she said, he said, I didn’t know and much more.”

Finally, don’t put off your queries just because you’re worried about what the catering team will think of you. Remember that it’s their job, and just like you, nothing delights them as a job well done. So, make sure to speak, address your concerns, and have all your nagging worries, cleared well ahead of time, to enjoy a great event.

Final Thoughts

"Food" is one of the significant aspects of planning a party. And, choosing a trusted caterer to take care of this element simplifies a substantial portion of your planning stress. To book the experienced caterer for catering services in Gurgaon, all you have to do is give us a call at +91-989-998-8185 .


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