04 March 2020 | by Captain Joe

Holi is one of the most anticipated festivals in India. It’s fun, energetic, and colorful. It spreads the joy of friendship, love, and brings together families and friends. If you’re in charge of organizing the Holi party for this year at your office or community, you’ve come to the right place of top small party food catering provider in Gurgaon.

Holi – A Fun Celebration for People of All Ages

Unlike other Indian festivals that are full of lengthy rituals, Holi is all about fun and celebration. Think of it as a chaotic, messy, and colorful party that signals the arrival of spring after the dreary days of winter. It’s a celebration of positivity, cheerfulness, and love.

Though Holi is now celebrated pan-India, it was initially a festival with its roots in the Northern hinterlands. Today, Holi is celebrated by people of all regions and religions – from tiny tots to adults.

Here, in this guide, we as a top catering provider for a house party in Gurgaon, give you expert tips on throwing a fab Holi party full of fun, frolic, and laughter.

#1: Lockdown the Venue


Holi is essentially an outdoor festival. With people throwing color powders at each other and spraying pichkaris loaded with colored water, celebrating Holi indoors isn’t the ideal choice. So, make sure to look for a large, open ground or lawn where your invitees can douse each other with colors, without having to worry about damaging the floors and furniture.

If an open lawn is not available, you can even use a terrace. Ensure that the terrace has sufficiently high parapets so that it doesn't pose a safety concern to party guests. If you're organizing a Holi party at home, make sure to get permission from the building society to conduct it at your premises. At office Holi parties, get the approval of the concerned department before deciding the venue.

##2: Prepare a List of the Attendees and Send the Invites Out

Once you have selected the site, the next step is to start preparing the guest list. Make sure to note down the list in an excel sheet or word document to not miss out on anyone. And, a quick tip – opt for eco-friendly e-invites that don't harm the environment. You can quickly design a colorful invite using free invitation or greeting card design software and mail it to all invitees. Don't forget to mention the time, venue, and dress code for the party while designing the invite.

This brings us to the next point,

##3: Dress Code

The best part of a Holi party is that it is super casual. No stuffy formal attire or heavy party wear. It's an event for fun and frolicking. So, keep the dress code casual. If you wish, you can specify a particular color like – black or white, so that all your guests will wear the same color.

##4: Music


Music is an essential component of all Holi parties. So, make sure to arrange for a DJ or a live music band if your budget permits.

On the other hand, if you have a limited budget, you can get in touch with party caterers in Gurgaon or prepare a mix of upbeat dance music – Bollywood, international and regional songs – to keep the party going. Alternatively, you can hire a local dholvala to get everyone on their feet and tapping to the energetic beats.

##5: Entertainment


Though Holi is about playing with colors, you can also add some fun, entertaining games to keep the party going. Some all-time party favorites include – water balloon filling, bursting the balloons, passing the leaking balloon, musical chair, gol-gappe eating competition, etc. Classic party games like Tambola, cards, and dumb charades can also be organized if you have an older crowd.

##6: Preparing the Colours


A Holi party is incomplete without colors and lip-smacking delicacies. Make sure to prepare vats of colors and plenty of water guns (pichkaris) and balloons for guests to play with colors. It’s a good idea to avoid synthetic colors and opt for natural, skin-safe colors so that guests do not suffer from rashes, allergies, and other skin troubles.

Ensure your guests with a tap and soap to wash their hands and face after the party. Always have a first-aid kit to be ready for any emergencies.

##7: Finally, Lip-Smacking Food


Holi has a list of special delicacies including – the crowd favorite gol-gappe, samosas, piping hot chole bhature, chaat, bhelpuri, panipuri, pav bhaji, and desserts like maalpua, jalebi with rabdi, gujiya, and more.

For the best holi party caterers in Gurgaon, reach out to Captain Joe. We provide you with the best treats that give your guests a delectable welcome. With an extensive menu, we can customize our offerings to suit the style of your event and your budget. And, not to forget that, Captain Joe takes care of the serving as well – we provide you with clean cutlery and plates so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Make use of the seven tips listed here and throw a fab Holi party this year! Wishing you a colorful and cheerful Holi!

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