13 November 2019 | by Captain Joe


It’s that time of the year again – there’s a nip in the air, and the festivities and celebrations have begun. Everyone is in a jolly good mood, as the holidays near. And, it’s time to raise the curtain on your epic, holiday/year-end house party.

While it may seem simple, conducting a small house party is no easy task. There are a dozen things to plan – theme, menu, guest list, entertainment, return gifts, décor, and plenty more. And, not to forget, you have to remain calm, poised, and be a graceful host to ensure that the party runs smoothly.

At any party, the food served is the focal point of interest. It’s what that will linger in the memories of your guests as they reminisce about the party later. The menu needs to satisfy a trillion and more taste buds. It is not an easy task. But, it can be made easy with the right caterer.

When you are choosing a menu for the event, you need to consider several factors in small party catering ideas. Here are some tips to help you nail the house party menu perfectly.

Don’t go overboard with the Menu in small party catering


Just like a good kiss, a small party menu should be – simple and sweet.

It would help if you had a variety but not that much. The menu should be a mix of adventurous foods and comfort foods. It should be a combination of some classics and few new varieties to try out for. Having a lot of new dishes on the menu can’t satisfy the hungry bellies of your guests.

Don’t overthink the bar


Similar to food, drink choices vary from one person to another. You may have one friend who loves chardonnay and another who drinks nothing but beer, while another is a teetotaler. Remember that it’s not possible to serve everyone’s favorites.

We usually suggest one white, one red, and a few different kinds of beer, to have something for everyone. If it’s a non-alcoholic party, then a couple of mocktails and fresh juices will keep everyone hydrated.

Make space for the Buffet


If you are throwing the party at home, make sure guests have sufficient place to move around. They shouldn’t feel cramped while reaching for the buffet. Make sure to leave adequate space to serve and display food. If space is an issue, try to rethink the guest list. If that’s not an option, hire a small community party hall.

Add Diversity to the small party catering menu

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Never limit your menu to a single cuisine. It must be a combination to suit all tastes. You can add a few South Indian dishes, some staple North Indian fare, and a few continentals and Chinese dishes to mix it up.

Have a Backup Plan


Always be ready with plan B if plan A fails. Expecting the unexpected is the key to success. There are plenty of things that can go wrong – the weather plays spoilsport, the entertainment team backs out at the last minute. You must not lose your cool. The best way is to be prepared for all eventualities so that you can continue the celebrations even if things don’t go according to plan.



Outsourcing the food preparation to trusted small party caterers in Gurgaon lifts a huge burden off your shoulders. With food out of the way, you don’t have to spend hours slaving in the kitchen before the party. Instead, you can focus on other preparations and get ample time to don the role of the gracious host.

Most people do not hire caterers for house parties assuming that caters do not serve small events. At Captain Joe, we believe that no event is too big or too small. Even if you’re hosting an intimate holiday party with just around a dozen guests, Captain Joe offers you customized services to meet your requirements. We also provide catering services in Gurgaon.

We are proud to state that we offer a wide variety of cuisines – Indian (south Indian, north Indian, Punjabi, Andhra, Konkani, Goan, and more), continental, Chinese, Indo-Chinese, American, Italian and more. Whatever be your requirements, we can fix it up. Give us a ring today and get ready to host an epic year-end party and call in the New Year in style.


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