13 May 2021 | by Captain Joe


It's no secret that the last one year and a few months have been an uphill struggle for all the top caterers in Gurgaon. With the Covid-19 outbreak, subsequent lockdowns and numerous other restrictions, party planners, hosts, brides and grooms, and caterers had to adapt their services to the new normal.

Well, as they say – the necessity is the mother of invention. Here, at Captain Joe, the best catering services in Gurgaon we’ve made some significant catering and operational changes to meet safety standards in these challenging times.

Catering Changes to Adapt to the New Normal

In this guide, we walk you through the catering adjustments that you have to make to conduct a safe and secure event in the post-pandemic world.

Be Mindful of Local and National Guidelines

Before you plan an event, make sure that you are aware of the various local and national guidelines. For example, in the NCR region, there is a cap of 50 guests for weddings. Also, keep in mind that local and national guidelines are likely to change as the number of cases increase/decrease.

So, when you have planned an event, keep an eye on the various guidelines. You can also ask your caterer for the various event guidelines in your locality.

Plated Meals are Gaining Popularity in the Post-pandemic World

With the emergence of the pandemic, buffets have taken a backseat and plated meals are gaining popularity. Both customers and caterers prefer plated sit-down meals over buffet counters.

Currently, plated meals are the safest food catering options. Here’s why:

  • The food is served directly from hygienic kitchens directly to the guests.
  • Unlike buffets, guests don’t have to wait in lines or interact with other guests.
  • Seating members of a family at a table reduces contact among guests, thereby minimizing chances of infection.

Does that mean buffets are no longer feasible? No, buffets are still doable, but you will have to take additional precautions to ensure the safety of guests. The best catering services can help arrange safe and hygienic buffets. Here are a few points to make buffets safe in the post-pandemic world:

  • Make sure that all guests wear masks while standing in line
  • Ensure that all serving staff wear gloves, face masks, face shields while serving
  • Place sanitizers in the serving line for the use of guests
  • Try to enforce social distancing among guests waiting in line
  • Avoid self-serve buffets as guest share serving spoons and ladles
  • To avoid over-crowding, call guests by table to the buffet counter

Replace Liquors with Immunity-Boosting Juices

Since, liquor consumption is prohibited at wedding venues in several states, you can opt for other refreshing juices. Here are a few innovative options:

  • Include immunity boosting drinks like turmeric shots, turmeric milk, pepper and turmeric milk, spiced chai, tulsi mojito, cinnamon mojito, aloevera juice, etc.
  • Other refreshing beverage choices perfect for the summer include Nannari sherbet, aam panna, jaljira, Chaas, etc.
  • Serve drinks in small glass bottles (individual-serving sizes with lids). Make sure to place paper straws and tissues near the bottles to limit contact points.

Prepackaged Individual Meals – Fast-Food Eatery Style

Another emerging catering option is to serve individually packed boxed meals. These boxes contain all the meal components – starters, main course, sides and desserts. Beverages and water are served in individually-packed bottles/containers. Everything is sealed and wrapped. Think of airline style meals for each guest. Though it may feel restrictive, it’s a great way to avoid food wastage, minimize contact among guests and reduce the spread of infection – that's a win-win in our book.

Modified Bar Service

Keeping with national and local guidelines, your venue may or may not allow bar service. Even if bar service is allowed, make sure to place a plexiglass barrier between the bartender and guests. Ensure that guests wear masks while placing their orders at the bar. All bartenders should wear masks, face shields and gloves at all times.

Alternatively, you can get customer orders at their table and provide drink service at their table, while they’re having their meals.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Even after lockdown restrictions are lifted, make sure that your caterer follows the best safety measures. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Temperature checks for all waiters, serving staff, and kitchen staff
  • Face masks, gloves, shields at all times for the catering staff
  • Multiple handwashing and sanitization stations for guests
  • Enforce guests wear face masks at all times
  • Minimize interactions between guests

While screening the best catering services in Gurgaon , make sure to ask about their safety measures – both in the kitchen and in the serving venue.

How to make sure all these safety measures are implemented?

We're sure you’re thinking, “well, all these measures sound great! But, how do I ensure they are implemented?” The answer lies in choosing the right catering services. The best catering services in Gurgaon , like Captain Joe are committed to keeping your events safe for both your guests and our staff.

As your event caterer, we ensure that we follow all local and national guidelines, implement the best safety measures to help you pull off a successful and safe event in the new normal! Check out safety measures here or give us a ring to discuss more.

If organising an event in the post-pandemic world feels overwhelming, worry not! Reach out to our team and we’ll help you plan a safe event with top-notch catering services in Gurgaon.

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