30 May 2021 | by Captain Joe


Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down! Luckily, with the vaccine roll-out speeding up in different parts of the country, it looks like we have come to the end of the dark tunnel. One of the most affected segments of the population due to the pandemic are the little ones.

Stuck at home for over a year, not able to meet friends and grandparents, visit playgrounds and parks, kids are deeply affected by the ongoing pandemic. With the second wave showing signs of receding, you may be planning to throw your little one’s a birthday bash - something to cheer them up!

While celebrations this year have to be toned down, you don’t have to skip them entirely. Take the right precautions and you can host a Covid-19 safe birthday party for kids. As the No.1 caterer for birthday party food for kids in Gurgaon, Captain Joe is here to help you with organising a Covid-19 safe birthday party.

Make your child’s birthday party fun, memorable and safe with our tips.

#1: Make sure to adhere to local and national guidelines


Keep the guest limit below the maximum number of attendants permitted for an indoor, in-person gathering at your locality. Keep a watch out for local news so that you can know the right number of guests to invite.

Practise other safety measures like:

  • Providing sanitisers and disposable masks, face shields for all guests
  • Instructing guest to wear their masks at all times (it’s a good idea to double mask up)

#2: Keep it Small, to Limit Exposure


With vaccines not yet available to kids, kids are still under the risk category for exposure to Covid-19. Limit the number of guests. Also, keep in mind that kids prefer a smaller gathering. Instead, of inviting the whole class, limit the number of attendants to just a few of your child’s closest friends.

#3: Don’t let the Bubble Pop


Ideally, your gathering should include only guests who are healthy and are not infected. Request your guests to RSVP “no” if they show any symptoms of Covid-19. Do not invite guests who are under the high-risk category, especially older adults with co-morbidities. Instead, you can provide them with alternate arrangements like a live Zoom call during the party to attend virtually.

#4: Rethink the Birthday Party Menu for Kids


To avoid the spread of infection, avoid serving foods that have to be shared like large cakes, buffets, home style sharing platters, etc. Instead, rethink the birthday party menu for kids. Serve each guest with individualised meals and single-serve snacks. Cupcakes, plated cookies, juices in separate closed tumblers, individual meal boxes, pre-wrapped candies are great food choices to minimise contact and reduce the spread of infection.

#5: Skip Blowing the Candles


Instead, give the birthday boy/girl a small cake/cupcake with a candle that they can blow while making a wish.

#6: Have Hand Sanitizer Readily Available


Kids can get close to their friends and touch/hug each other while enjoying the party. So, make sure to keep hand sanitisers distributed all around the party venue. Keep on reminding them to sanitise their hands frequently.

#7: Take the Party Outside


Outside events are safer than indoor closed events. If possible, host the party in your backyard or a local park, that has sufficient space.

#8: Hire a Caterer who follows Covid-19 Safety Protocols


Food catering services are allowed even during lockdown. Look for caterers in Gurgaon who take extra measures to minimise the spread of infection. At Captain Joe, we help you make your party hassle-free and safe. We follow the best safety practices to ensure the safety of your guests and our staff. We provide a variety of birthday party food – boxed lunches, individually packed snack boxes, single-serve desserts and more. We offer no-contact delivery of birthday party food right to your homes. You can check how we have adapted our catering style for the new normal to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

With a little planning and heaps of creativity, you can host an awesome birthday party for your little one, and keep it safe for all!

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