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Make the most out of your terrace by throwing an awesomatic winter party. Find out how to host safe rooftop parties in Gurgaon this winter season.

2021 is here, and everyone is eager to close the chapter on the challenges of 2020. The last year was full of unexpected events. But, what it showed us was the resilience and positive spirit of humankind. We learned to adjust to the "new normal." Mask wearing, social distancing, avoiding large gatherings became part and parcel of our daily lives.

While we are ready to embrace 2021 with positivity and hope, we need to keep in mind that the coronavirus is still raging out of control, and we cannot yet throw caution to the wind. The best way to enjoy yourself with friends and family is by organising small parties at home.

In the era of the pandemic, holding an outdoor party is safer than a closed indoor gathering. With the winter season in full swing at Gurgaon, you may be hesitant to throw an outdoor terrace winter party at home. Won’t it be too cold for the guests? What about the food? How to keep it warm till serving? And plenty more!

But, worry not, Captain Joe, the best caterers in Gurgaon, share tips to help you plan the best rooftop terrace party in Gurgaon. Also, we offer the best catering services in Gurgaon for all parties, big and small. Start planning the menu for the party by using our online catering menu planner.

Rooftop Party Planning Guide for 2021


Winter is here! Don’t let the cold weather and the freezing temperatures stop you from enjoying an outdoor rooftop winter party. It’s time to go crazy and take the party outside. Serve hot foods to your guests and banish the chills. Enjoy winter games, share stories around a crackling bonfire. And, let the beauty of the season take centre stage.

We've gathered ideas for the best menu items, how to bundle up, and some great winter activities for everyone to enjoy. Let's get started.

Tips to keep your guests warm at a Rooftop Party

  • Let your guests know that the party will be conducted outdoors. This way, they can dress accordingly. Ask them to wear layers and bring their comfiest shawls and jackets.
  • Adding a bonfire or outdoor heater is a great way to cosy up the space. Your guests will enjoy huddling around the fire while enjoying their hot drinks. Just ensure that the bonfire is safe and complies with building regulations.
  • If you’re planning to have a bonfire, then you can skewer marshmallows and enjoy roasting them on the open fire.
  • You can even rent a patio heater or a portable room heater.

Tips to Decorate the Rooftop

  • If you're looking to decorate the space, then you can buy some hay bales, cover them with old blankets for seating.
  • Set up a picnic table and cover it with a table cloth. Arrange LED candles on it and set up the food on it.
  • You can also create a warm ambiance by stringing paper lanterns around the space.
  • Place tea lights inside mason jars and arrange them artistically around the rooftop.

Tips for Food and Drinks

As the best caterers in Gurgaon, Captain Joe offers the best catering services in Gurgaon for all occasions. Here we’ve collected some of the best catering tips to help you serve the best food and drinks at your rooftop winter party.

  • Welcome your guests with a warm drink – ginger tea, masala chai, hot chocolate, or even hot soups.
  • Once your guests have some warm drinks, it’s time to move on to the next course.
  • Ensure plenty of starters and appetisers for guests to share as they move around talking and catching up with each other.
  • Foods like kebabs with dips, cheese fondue are great for outdoor parties. They not only are warm but are also fun, delicious snacks that guests can munch on while enjoying the company.
  • When it comes to the main course, you can set it up as a buffet so that guests can pick and choose what they like.
  • Just because it's cold, it doesn't mean you have to skip cold desserts. There's nothing as refreshing as eating ice-cream on a cold winter night. As the main course, offer your guests several options for desserts to choose what they like.
  • Aim to have a large spread so that guests don't feel restricted. Also, make sure that you consider the dietary requirements of all guests – have a few vegan, vegetarian, and diabetic-friendly items so that every one of your guests has something to eat.

How many people should I invite for my rooftop winter party?


There's no magic number. You can keep it small and intimate or make it big by including dozens of guests. If you're inviting many people, ensure that you follow all safety precautions to keep both the hosts and guests safe during this covid-19 era.

Tips to make my Rooftop Party Fun

There are plenty of ways to make your party fun. Here are a few activities for your consideration:

  • You can set up a movie projector and enjoy an evening of movies under the stars with your friends and family.
  • Classic games like Antakshari, Thumbola are always fun.
  • You can even split your guests into different teams and have them compete against each other.
  • Finally, remember that it's magical for people to spend a quiet evening with the lovely company under the stars. So, instead of filling the time with back-to-back activities, provide some free time so guests can enjoy memorable conversations with their loved ones.

Hope these tips make it easy for you to plan your rooftop party. As the host, preparing the meals for the event is the biggest task. So, take the help of Captain Joe’s best catering services in Gurgaon. Hire us the best caterers in Gurgaon for all your party meal needs in the city. Whether you’re looking to feed 10 people or 100 people, we can provide you with the best meals as per your needs. Start planning your party meals online with our free planner.

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