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Throw a fantabulous outdoor party and woo your guests with the best of everything; a great venue, the best entertainment, everyone enjoying the party mood with some absolutely delicious food! The top outdoor caterers in Gurgaon, Captain Joe, will ensure that you will become the next favorite party host in the town! Let us share the secret with you!

With the Covid-19 debacle robbing away a few precious years of our lives, people are eager to put on their party clothes and get out there. Throwing a party is a lot of work. It requires you to set the right vibe, plan the venue, find the perfect catering services in Gurgaon, and manage the event for a fraction of the cost of a regular party. But if you’re having a party, you want to be sure that your guests will enjoy themselves. You want them to love to eat, drink, dance and socialize. And the best way to do that is with some really good food, the best entertainment, and a great venue.

But nothing is impossible for the right-spirited host. Especially when you have help from the best caterers in Gurgaon. We bring you some tips to help you throw a fabulous outdoor party that will blow the minds of your guests.

1. Be Prepared For Unexpected Weather


This is by far the most crucial aspect of all outdoor events. Weather can be a spoilsport any time of the year. It doesn't hurt to look at the weather report a week before the party. This way, you can decide how you want to set up your party and the weather can't stop you from doing that. Whether heat, cold or rain, being prepared has never cost the hosts more than their reputation.

You may have to arrange for shade or heaters, based on the weather forecast. Your outdoor caterers may require some rearrangement of the food counters to accommodate the weather. High-quality tents and canopies are an easy way to prepare for these unanticipated circumstances. It's so simple to make a space "covered" and ensure that no one needs to rush for the door if rain falls when you least expect it.

2. Setting The Outdoor Catering At The Venue


Ask the venue manager to have a look at the venue in advance so that you can plan the food service accordingly. It would be helpful to take your outdoor caterers along so that they can pitch in some ideas too.

If you have additional food counters for barbeque, Chaats, and a bar, you have to place them in such a way that your guests are able to move freely to collect their food. Your outdoor caterers will need to be able to handle all the planning, transportation, and setup for your event. It won't be easy to organize everything in advance, but you can make it happen.

That is why it is important to find the best catering service in Gurgaon who can handle the traffic and crowds in your venue. Captain Joe has years of experience in the outdoor catering industry and can provide you with the best catering service for your outdoor event.

3. Planning The Best Menu


When you're putting together the party menu, it's important to think about your guests' preference and the time of the year. You don't want to have your guests start to feel queasy if they're not served the usual meal, so you need to go over the menu with the caterer and make sure that each item is brought on the menu. It is also important to serve them seasonal foods made with fruits and vegetables of the current season.

This would ensure that your guests enjoy the seasonal fare and the ingredients are also fresh and economical. Ask your outdoor caterers to set a menu that integrates local flavors with seasonal ingredients.

4. Ensure That Utilities Are Functional


Electricity and water are very important for an outdoor catering event. Not just the guests, even the outdoor caterers will require adequate water and continuous power supply to serve the best food. Check if the venue has a back-up generator and that it is fully functional with enough fuel. Personally check the water supply to ensure that the venue is not at risk from water shortage. Arrange for adequate drinking water supply too.

5. Plan A Fun Party Theme


Parties are supposed to be fun; set a fun theme around your outdoor party and let your guests pick out their own party attire. This can be as simple as having a theme around the food or some other aspect of the party. It is important to make sure that the party attire is comfortable and easy to wear.

It doesn't hurt to ask the venue about their ideas and preferences. This can be a great way to make your party a hit. You can have decorations and props around the venue to match the theme. A selfie stand with the party theme can be a good idea too.

Check with your outdoor caterers for some themed food ideas to include on your menu. For example, for a birthday party with a theme of Halloween, you might include pumpkin pies and skull shaped cupcakes. Similarly, for an 80s themed party you could use themed cocktails, such as mimosas, sangria, and more. And for a 70s themed party you might include themed food, such as cheesecakes, pizza, and more.

Outdoor parties are about having fun and enjoying yourself. Having fun in an outdoor event is more enjoyable compared to having a party in a venue. It’s a great way to bring your guests together with your friends and family. You get to spend quality time with your loved ones and all you need is a good venue and good catering service.

Captain Joe is reputed as the best caterers in Gurgaon. Our chefs can prepare some of the best international food in the area and the most delectable Indian food in the city. They have conjured some unique and different dishes over the years.

Call us or message us today to start planning your next outdoor party. We will take care of all the outdoor catering needs and requirements and assure you of the best services.

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