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The wedding day is a big red-letter day in each one of our lives. Right from our teen years, we dream about our wedding day – marrying the girl/boy of our dreams. We all want our wedding day to be just perfect. From the wedding attire to the food, there are hundreds of details to be sorted and planned.

Worry not! We’ve got your back! In this post, we help you plan one of the biggest wedding worries – the wedding catering menu! As the top wedding caterers in Gurgaon, we’ve helped hundreds of couples plan the perfect meals for their big day. Continue reading to find creative wedding catering menu ideas for an Indian summer wedding.

It goes without saying “a big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without delicious food.” Each and every guest attending your big day looks forward to the scrumptious and tasty meals, served after the wedding ceremony.

That said, the right choice of wedding catering can make or break the entire experience. Imagine this scenario – it's a hot summer day in Gurgaon with temperatures nearing 40°C. How would you feel if you’re welcomed at a wedding with a hot cup of coffee instead of a cool Thandai? In this guide, we share tips on how to plan the food menu for a summer wedding. Stay tuned till the end where we give a list of the best foods to serve at your summer wedding.

Tips to Plan a Lip-smacking Menu for a Summer Wedding

#Plan the Menu according to the Season

When we think of Indian wedding catering, we picture plates of ghee-laden, delicious and heavy dishes. While we agree that these foods are yummy, they are not always the best choices. Creamy hot dishes are perfect for winter weddings when the air is cool and guests crave hot foods to warm their insides.

On the other hand, for summer weddings, it’s best to offer lighter and refreshing fares. Fruits, fresh vegetables, cold desserts are the best choices for a summer Indian wedding catering menu.

#Finalising the Dishes

When it comes to wedding catering menu ideas, your first port of call should be fresh fruits, watery vegetables, cool drinks, cold desserts and mild flavours. Work with your preferred wedding caterer in Gurgaon to plan a meal that is filling, yet refreshing, so that guests don’t feel heavy and tired after the meal.

#Start Planning the Menu as Soon as You Can

The best wedding caterers in Gurgaon get booked up early. So, we highly recommend that you start the wedding menu preparation as soon as the date and venue is fixed.

#Too Many Cooks Don’t Spoil the Broth

When it comes to wedding menu ideas, the more the better. Don’t place the responsibility only on the groom and bride. Instead, involve both the families, bridesmaids, groomsmen to help you come up with creative dishes to include on the menu. If you’ve got a foodie cousin or friend, or a food blogger in your immediate circle, you can ask their inputs to come up with creative ideas.

Summer Wedding Menu Inspiration

We’ve got a creative list of the best wedding food ideas for summer weddings. These are not the usual Paneer Butter masala, naan or Mughlai recipes. We’ve curated a list of the most trending wedding catering menu ideas from different parts of the country. We've got something for everyone of your guests to enjoy – from your naani to your little cousin, we’re sure this list will keep each one of your guests licking their fingers in joy.

Starter Ideas for a Summer Wedding Menu

  • Cheese Dosa – gooey cheese hidden inside crispy dosas
  • Naaniza – a delectable combination of naan + pizza topped with your favourite toppings – paneer, chicken, capsicum, onion and more
  • Dalgona Coffee – the trending lockdown dish; cool, sweet and tasty – perfect to welcome your guests
  • Chicken Lollipop – a classic, that never fails to impress
  • Cheesy garlic bread rolls – just like the soft buttery rolls served at Dominos
  • Podi Idli – This is a southern specialty – tiny, one-bite sized idlis tossed and served with spicy gunpowder makes for a chatpata starter

Main Course Ideas for a Summer Wedding Menu

  • Chicken briyani – a flavourful dish that is filling, appetizing and loved by all.
  • Curd rice – This is another south-Indian specialty. Creamy rice is mixed along with cold curd, topped with pomegranate pearls, this is a great refreshing finish to the meal.
  • Naan Pockets – Naan stuffed with your favourite choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian items.
  • Dry Manchurian – This Desi-Chinese dish makes for a great side dish that can be served along with biryani or Indian breads.
  • Indian style nachos – Serve nachos with Indian style toppings.
  • Falafel – This vegetarian meat balls is a middle eastern specialty.
  • Shawarma Rolls – Easy to serve and easy to eat, shawarma rolls are a crowdpleaser.

Dessert Ideas for your Summer Wedding Menu

Bored of the same old gulab jamun and icecream? We've got some creative dessert ideas for you to add to your wedding catering menu.

  • Iced tea – skip the regular chai, and serve cold iced tea in refreshing flavours
  • Vietnamese style coffee – Just like dalgona coffee, this is another refreshing coffee drink made with condensed milk and topped with ice cubes
  • Mocktails – Besides serving ice cream, you can also serve a variety of mocktails. Set up a mocktail bar where guests can choose their favourite flavours and toppings.
  • Creamy Waffle Bites – We're sure that the kids at your wedding will love this one!

We hope this post helps you get inspired. If you need any more help planning the wedding catering for your summer wedding in Gurgaon, reach out to Captain Joe, the no.1 wedding caterers in Gurgaon. We can help you plan an awesome wedding menu at your budget.

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