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Is Food The Star of your Special Event?

Have you ever attended a party where the food was so temptingly presented that you couldn't wait for the buffet to commence? Or do you have unpleasant memories of an event where you had a terrible tummy ache due to something you ate?

If you answer “YES” to either of these questions, then we don’t have to tell you the importance of food. The food at a party is indeed the star of the show.

So, why are we still treating event food as an afterthought?

Event planners often look at foodservice in an event as "something that is needed" and fail to give it the attention it needs. Others cut down on the quality of the meals served to reduce the overall budgets. Both of these approaches do not pay.

Food and beverage at an event are not just about keeping your guests full. In fact, it adds to the overall experience.

In India, it’s our custom to ensure that our guests get the best hospitality. “Atithi Devo Bhava” is a way of life here. It doesn’t matter whether the event is organised by an individual, a couple, a family or a corporation – the event organisers are the hosts. Their primary duty is to ensure that their guests enjoy the best hospitality.

The idea of hospitality goes back to ancient times – where people would open their homes to strangers and break bread. It’s not just about serving meals. It’s about sharing conversations, laughter, fellowship, ideas and camaraderie!

Instead of looking for the cheapest party caterers in Gurgaon or going with a set menu, put some thought to come up with a creative and delicious menu. Your guests will remember the event and appreciate it!

We can hear you asking,

What about the budget? Won’t a Specialised Menu Cost a Ton?

The happy news here is that – a creative and inventive menu doesn't have to be expensive! Yes, you read that, right! You can serve specialised dishes to your guests without breaking the bank. There are plenty of ways to impress your guests with a delicious platter without busting your budget.
Here are a few of our favourite catering ideas that are budget-friendly:

  • Opt for Food Stations
  • Ditch the same old sit-down dinners and mix things up with interactive food stations. Food stations are a great way to cut down food wastes – as guests get only what they need. It’s also a great way to get people moving and talking, helping to break the ice.

    Each station can have a different theme like north-Indian, south-Indian, Chinese, desserts and more. This is a great conversation starter and will keep your guests raving about your special day for years to come.

  • DIY and Interactive
  • Instead of serving pasta, noodles and sandwich for everyone, set up a DIY-food station. Set up the toppings, condiments, etc. Let guests create their own dish as they like it.

  • Serve meals at Tables, Family-Style
  • Set up meals at each table. Let guests enjoy them family-style. This is a great conversation starter and is sure to get everyone relaxed.

    These are just a few ideas – there are plenty more! Get in touch with Captain Joe to create a specialised menu that matches your event's style and guest preferences.

    Before you leave, here are a few,

Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind while Deciding the Event Catering

  • Do consider Dietary Restrictions
  • No one wants an allergic reaction at an event. Make sure to label each item clearly so that guests can decide which ones are safe for their consumption. Avoid common allergens like shellfish, peanuts, etc. If you're including these, make sure there are other safe items dishes work for all.

  • Do consider Religious Practices
  • Some people do not consume beef and pork due to dietary restrictions. So, make sure there are plenty of other dishes for these guests.

  • Do offer Vegetarian Choices
  • Today, more and more people are adopting vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free diets. So, make sure that you include plenty of vegan and vegetarian dishes for all. It's not just about serving a bland vegetarian dish. Make it interesting, so that vegetarian guests do not feel left out.

  • Don’t get too Adventurous
  • Fine dining and adventurous menus are fine when you go out to eat with friends. But, serving too creative dishes can backfire. When choosing the menu, see that it meets the needs of guests of all ages. From the kids to the seniors, see that you've got plenty of choices to suit all taste preferences. Keep the menu simple and delicious to provide your guests with a satisfying meal!

  • Don’t overload on Sugar and Carbs
  • These dishes can make your guests feel sleepy and worn out. See that you include plenty of healthy options like salads, proteins, fresh juices, etc.

For more menu ideas for event catering in Gurgaon, check our other blog posts. If you have any queries on event catering in Gurgaon, reach out to our team. We’ll help you plan a delicious and memorable menu for your upcoming special event in Gurgaon.

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