05 July 2019 | by Captain Joe

A wedding is one of the most critical stages of life. You pass through a lot of emotions when you are getting married; you will be worried about leaving your parental home. Everyone goes through a rollercoaster of emotions on their big day. You would be happy and tensed at the same time about the new beginning in your life.

You must be preparing for the wedding for a long time. You must choose the best food caterers in Gurgaon for your wedding. This saves you from significant troubles on the big day. Captain Joe, a professional food company in Gurgaon, handles hundreds of events in a year. They have plenty of experience handling functions of all sizes and styles. They are your best allies in ensuring that everything goes according to plan on your big day.

Follow these simple tips from us to ensure you are calm about the food on your wedding day.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan, and Plan


It is essential to plan so that you can choose the best among a variety of options. You will not have the trouble of date clash with other weddings in town if you book your caterer early. When you start planning early, you can look for more options and choose the best caterers in the city.

When you plan early, you can have tasting sections with the caterer, which enables you to double-check you have made the right choice. You would be able to guess their punctuality, menu styles, quality of the meals, taste, and service.

We at Captain Joe believe that for every successful wedding or any significant event, planning every detail is essential. Don’t be shy about asking doubts and following up on the details from the Indian wedding caterers.

2. Share the Burden with Others


Hiring a professional food caterer in Gurgaon is not the end of the planning. You need to follow up on the updates. It must be challenging to follow up on the details on your own. You can ask your dear ones or close friends to coordinate and take some burden off your shoulder. You would be able to calm yourself when sharing the responsibility off your shoulder.

Always remember when you share the burden with your trusted buddies, you must share the complete details with your dear one. This makes the task easier for them. Please have a chat with them and tell them some tips on how to handle last-minute situations. This makes sure that you don’t involve much in issues.

3. Put issues into perspective


When the wedding approaches near you, it makes you feel tensed and worries about the event. You want the wedding to be perfect, and don't want any trouble on your D-day. When you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you will find solutions for the issues. Most of the professional wedding caterers would be able to come up with solutions to your problems. We at Captian Joe have an expert team to solve all last-minute issues that crop up.

Remember, at the end of the day at the wedding, the moments between the bride and groom are all that’s important.

4. Hire a trusted caterer and best food caterers in Gurgaon


When you hire an amateur for your wedding event, it may not be easy because they are not experienced in handling big events. While selecting an Indian wedding caterer, it is essential to choose a professional since amateurs rarely have safety certificates. Wedding caterers need to have health department approvals to feed the guest.

We at Captain Joe promise that never let them down the customer's expectation. We make sure that the guest's stomach and heart are filled. Once you book us for the wedding or any big event, we make sure the high-quality food, at the right quantity, at the right time is delivered. We never compromise with the serving quality too. We offer full-buffet, sit down meals, live-grills, and much more at your service.

If you are looking for professional wedding food companies in Gurgaon, we are here at your service. The captain is not a typical Gurgaon catering, simply put, we love what we do, and our clients do. We believe the food is the hero at an event. We believe with variety comes specialties; we serve food from all parts of India like south Indian meals, Hyderabad food, Kerala cuisines, continental food, and much more.

To book us for the event you can ring us in +919899988185. You can mail us at hello@captainjoe.in. You can also visit our official page for online booking, We have a detailed online booking feature, where you can select the menu, event, occasion date, and any special message if needed. We have bank transfer and pay locally option for your convenience.


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