25 Oct 2017 | by Captain Joe

Your choice of a caterer can make or break an event.

A great catering company not only enhances the flavor, quality, and appearance of your food but also creates memories that linger long after the event is over.

Whether you’re looking for best caterers in Gurgaon , for your wedding, reception, sangeet, engagement, birthday party, house-warming ceremony, family get-together, kitty party, lunch, tea party, or any other corporate event – lot’s riding on your decision.

“An amazing catering company can rescue any event, whereas a bad catering firm leaves a bad taste in the mouths of your guests (or in the worst case, can send them rushing to the restrooms)”

To simplify things for you, we’ve rounded a list of the top 10 criteria to consider when you’re hiring a caterer for your event.

01. A Keen Interest in your Requirements and Responsiveness


The way the caterer interacts and responds to your during the initial interactions is indicative of how they’ll perform at your event. Many caterers claim that they serve the best foods with the freshest ingredients, but not all are quick to respond to your calls and clarify your doubts.

The caterer should not just look at you as a client. They should exhibit a keen interest in your event and look for innovative ways to deliver the best at your event.

Look for a caterer who is open to critiques and new ideas. They should not just focus on the foods they serve but also ensure that the menu fits the theme and overall idea of your event.

02. Ability & Technical Capability to Handle your Event


Just as you wouldn’t hire a wedding planner for your corporate event, you mustn’t hire a corporate caterer for your wedding reception.

While all caterers can handle a broad range of events, some can serve particular markets more efficiently than others. For instance, some caterers are “Boutique” and cannot handle a large wedding with 1000+ guests. So make sure that your caterer has the experience, staff, and resources to manage your event.

03. Customized Menu Options


This one can’t be stressed enough. Several caterers in Gurgaon have a set menu and force their clients to choose from one of the available options.

Make sure that you hire a caterer who provides you with the complete freedom when it comes to menu choices. The menus they offer must be updated regularly to suit the evolving taste palates of guests as well as cater to your specific needs by customizing individual menu items.

Look for caterers who can handle special requests like recreating your aunt’s Bhaigan Barta or your grandma’s pound cake.

04. Tasting Services


How can you be 100% sure that you have made the right choice if you haven’t sampled the dishes? Indeed you must ask for a sample tasting before you sign the contract.

Also, don’t settle for a caterer who offers you a generic sample. They must be willing to cook up your exact menu and ready to accommodate your preferences. However, keep in mind that most caterers charge a small fee for tastings.

05. Familiarity with the Theme and Style of your Event


You may be in for a surprise if you hire a fast-food style caterer for your formal dinner or a corporate caterer for your kid’s birthday party.

Make sure that the caterer you choose has handled your style of events before and have a separate menu and staff to handle that particular type of event. Additionally, specific venues have varying rules and regulations. It’s certainly an advantage if your caterer has worked in your venue and handled your particular type of event before.

06. Provides you with Detailed Explanation of the Menu and Contract


The catering company you choose must be willing to clear all your doubts about the menu and contract. For instance, if you can’t understand a particular clause in the contract, they should not feel it a burden to explain it to you.

After a clear understanding of what’s included and what’s not included is essential if you want to avoid any hassles and hiccups on the day of your big event.

07. A Well-Defined Cancellation Plan


Whether you have to cancel the event due to unforeseen conditions or whether your caterer has to cancel at the last minute, your contract should be able to handle it. If you cancel, the caterer must be able to charge you a minimum without having to force you to pay the entire amount.

Similarly, if the caterer cancels, he must be able to provide you with alternate arrangements instead of throwing you under the bus.

08. Willingness to provide you with References

customer reviews

Of course, you would have checked customer reviews and testimonials before you make a shortlist of caterers. Additionally, if you wish to talk in person with previous clients, the caterer must be able to provide you with references.

09. Fits your Budget


This one goes without saying. A good caterer will be straightforward about the budget. They will let you know if it’s possible or not to work within your budget. They will not spring last minute hidden charges or other additional costs on you.

Make sure to work out the budget plan with your caterer prior hand to avoid disappointments on your big day.

10. Experienced Chef and Kitchen Staff


Ultimately, the success of a catering company depends on the chef and kitchen staff. Look for a firm with a reputed and skilled chef, sous chef and reliable kitchen staff. Don’t feel shy to ask your caterer about the experience of the chef and the others who are involved in the preparation of the meal.

Wrapping it up


“A great caterer not only takes your guests on a beautiful, tasty culinary adventure but also compliments your event with exceptional service.”

If you’re planning to host an event in and around Gurgaon, get in touch with Captain Joe – one of the best caterers in Gurgaon. With experience handling a full spectrum of events from themed weddings to customized parties, you can be assured of the best menu at your event. Just give us a call at +91-989-998-8185 / +91-124-460-6182 or drop in a line at hello@captainjoe.in to get started with preparing your big day.


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