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Getting the right catering service for your party, wedding, or event is not a walk in the park. Food is probably the most integral part of any occasion. It's even the reason why some people look forward to the event in the first place. This makes choosing a caterer a crucial part. Few things are important when selecting a caterer in Gurugram, like the quality, quantity, flavor, and presentation of the food and beverages you serve.

A lot of things must be running in your mind when you are looking to hire a beat caterer near you. Choosing the right caterer is essential because bad catering can cause a lot of trouble in an event. Also, the caterer is often one of the most significant expenses of an event. The caterer you choose can significantly affect the budget and influence the other areas you have to spend money on.

If you want to avoid these situations in an event, then you are in the right place. We share with you tips on how to choose the best caterer for your event in Gurugram.

Do a Complete Research


It's crucial to conduct complete research about the caterer available in your locality. You need to be completely aware of the quality, service, and pricing of the caterer you search for. You can conduct your research either of the following ways:

Start with a Google search: Google has become the in-hand encyclopedia assistant; you can search for your doubts and clarify them or find a solution. You will be able to find information about the leading caterer in town.

Read reviews: You can find reviews of caterer from websites, make a list of the caterers with high reviews ratings, preferably with 3.5 stars above.

Ask your friends: You can ask your friends and family about the caterers they opted for special events in their home functions. You can ask for their recommendations. If anyone of your friends is into event management, you can ask them for suggestions.

Schedule a Tasting


Once you have shortlisted your top 5 or top 3 favorite caterers, you can proceed with tasting. Most of the caterers provide a tasting. Before scheduling for tasting, talk to us about the details of the event. The date, time, dietary needs (any particular food allergies), budget, theme, cuisine, and other information to us.

Here, at Captain Joe, we would be able to craft a menu for you or can choose the menu for the event. Some of our specialties include channa bhatura, kebabs from North Indian cuisine, Hyderabadi Biriyani, filter coffee, sambar from south Indian Cuisine. We also have coastal food items like Kaari meen, crab cakes. Some of the other cuisines include Gujarati, Sri Lankan curries, Pakistani bread, and much more.

Consider the Specialty of the Caterer


Each caterer has his/her specialty. Some only specialize weddings, while some may be in tea parties find the thing of the caterer you choose for. Here at Captain Joe, we cater for weddings, birthday parties, high tea party, cooperate lunches, and also small family events.

We are fully equipped people to serve, dining tables, table cloths, runners and chair covers, etc. We conduct various services like full-buffet, sit down meals, family-style meals, traditional plated meals, dessert tables, live-grills, finger-foods, petit fours, cocktail parties, etc.

Make sure that the caterer can manage your scale of your event. Make sure that they can excel.

Consider what services you need


Once you decided the event make sure to sit-down with the caterer the opt service for the event. Also, make sure whether the service would be able to handle the scale of your event. Some of the caterers will only deliver the food prepared, while some like can provide the prepared food and also serve the prepared food. We have fully trained staff to help your guest.

You can ask us the caterer about the staff from temporary agencies or the caterer agency. It is always better to opt from a caterer agency where they have permanent staff because they would be able to large scale events.

Ask for references

Ask for references

You can ask the caterer about the events they have catered to before. This would give you an idea about the caterer efficiency. You would be able to link with your scale of the event.

Inquire about food freshness


At the end of the event, the freshness has an important role. Fresh food always tastes better, and it is healthy too. You defiantly don't want your guest to knock the door of doctors after a meal at your event. Some caterers prepare food by using frozen products; it always better to prepare food using fresh products.

At Captain Joe, we prepare the food using the fresh products available in the market. Most of the customers have always reviewed five stars in the freshness of the food served.

Call the local health department


Catering companies need to have a license and follow the regulations of the local health department. The rules are about serving food to disposal of food waste and other waste. It is essential to cross-check the records and license to ensure no problems and trouble arose at the last minute.

Ask for quotation

Ask for quotation

Finally, it is the money you pay for the caterer, which is vital because the caterer covers more than 50% of the entire budget of the event. You can ask to drop the price slightly and clear yourself clear about payment details and final payment. Make sure whether you want to pay in advance. Also, make sure when the caterer gives a discount, the quantity of the food is not reduced.

Make sure to get a quotation before you finalize payment details. Make whether you have to pay in advance or full payment at the end of the event.

Read the contract


It’s always better to hire a contractor with the caterer. This makes sure that the caterer doesn't make alterations after the deal is confirmed. The contract must include all the details regarding food quantity, event location, service provided, and the payment details.

Now you are ready to select the right caterer for the event in your home. You are now able to choose a caterer who makes sure the menu you selected is on the table of your guest. We at captain Joe knows that food is the hero at any event. We believe good wishes are from a happy stomach.

To contact us for enquires and booking, ring us on +919899988185. You can mail us at hello@captainjoe.in. You can also visit our official page for online booking.

We have a detailed online booking feature, where you can select the menu, event, occasion date, and any special message if needed. We offer secure payment gateways to make the payments, or you can even pay us at the event.

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