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Whether you’re hosting a corporate banquet, your child’s birthday party, your daughter/son’s wedding or any other special occasion – choosing the right caterer in Gurgaon is a huge decision. After all, the caterer you select can make (or break) the guest experience.

All of us want our event to be remembered for the right reasons – tasty food, delicious drinks, warm hospitality and memorable conversations. No one wants their guests to remember the event for the wrong reasons – dry chicken, hard rotis, greasy curry, bland biryani, and poor service.

As one of the top professional caterers in Gurgaon, we can help you find the best catering in Gurgaon for your special event. In this post, we list out helpful tips to zero in on the best catering vendor for any event.

#1: Check if the Caterer can cater to your Event Size


The first factor to consider while selecting a caterer in Gurgaon is to see if the team can handle the number of people you are planning to invite. Caterers experienced in home events may not be able to handle a large corporate gathering and vice versa. Let the caterer know the size of your party and see if they are ready to handle it without any hesitation.

#2: Check if the Caterer is willing to Travel to the Event’s Location


Location is crucial when choosing the right catering in Gurgaon. Some caterers do not offer food services beyond a specific radius. So, make sure to check if the caterer will be able to travel to your event venue.

At Captain Joe, we offer our catering services anywhere in Gurgaon. Whether you require drop-off catering at your venue or a full-service team, we can handle it all. Just let us know your requirements, and we’ll assemble the best catering team to match your event size and requirements.

#3: Check if the Caterer is Flexible


Hosting an event can be super-stressful. Despite meticulous planning, you may have to deal with last-minute changes like a few extra guests arriving, food allergies and dietary preferences. While choosing caterers in Gurgaon, see if the catering team is willing to travel the extra mile in terms of flexibility.

Ask the caterer how they handle last-minute changes. This helps you get an idea of their working style, planning abilities, problem solving and their flexibility.

#4: Don’t forget to Check Online Reviews


You need to look for a caterer who will keep up their promises. The best way to check this is by doing a bit of research online. The easiest way to do this is on Google. Search for the caterer’s name on Google and check their Google reviews. Google reviews are trusted and provided by authentic clients. This will help you get an idea of how the caterer has handled previous clients.

#5: Be Upfront about your Budget


The cost of catering is a crucial deciding factor while selecting catering companies in Gurgaon. It pays to be upfront with your budget to the caterer. Let them know how much you’re willing to spend and see if they can suggest the best options available for your budget.

At Captain Joe, we offer affordable and tasty event catering solutions for all budgets. You can tailor your customised catering menu to fit your budget. Use our online catering service booking to build a customised menu for your event within your budget. There are no pre-set menus. You can mix and match starters, appetisers, main courses, desserts, drinks and snacks as per your event needs and budget. Building your event menu is easy-peasy with our online catering service booking. Try it now and start planning the menu for your event.

#6: Enquire about the Caterer’s Food Preparation Methods


With the pandemic, hygiene is at the top of everyone’s minds. While interviewing caterers in Gurgaon, check the safety precautions they take to ensure that your food is 100% safe. At Captain Joe, your food will be prepared in our hygienic commercial kitchen or on-site, based on your requirements.

Additionally, we take extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of our team as well as your guests. All serving staff will wear face masks, face shields, gloves and aprons at all times. Our kitchen staff clean and sanitize their stations once every 2 – 3 hours. We also undertake thermal screenings for our staff few times a day. So, with Captain Joe, you can breathe easy knowing that your food is 100% hygienic and safe.

#7: Decide on the Number of Staff you’ll need for your Event


Depending on the style of the event, you’ll need different number of staff to cater the event. Here are estimates to help you out:

  • Buffet – You’ll need approximately two servers for every thirty guests. Additionally, you also need a couple of extra serving staff to clear dishes, restock the stations, etc.
  • Sit Down Meals – For sit-down meals, you’ll need approximately one server for every two tables. You also need additional servers to handle drinks, set up tables for the next set of guests, etc.

#8: Check if the Caterer offers Tasting Menus


It’s a good idea to pre-check the taste of the menu for big events like weddings and corporate galas. This helps you get an idea of the presentation and the taste of the food. You can also tweak the dishes as per the preferences of your guests.

#9: Check the Experience of the Caterer


Look for a caterer with a string of successful events in Gurgaon. At Captain Joe, we have years of experience and expertise catering to events of all sizes in Gurgaon. We understand how to infuse magic on your special day, by creating tastes that your guests will savour and look back fondly.

We have catered to a wide range of events in Gurgaon: weddings, bridal showers, bachelor parties, engagements, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, baby showers, home parties, kitty parties, tea parties, corporate galas, office lunches and many more. Our passionate team ensure that we deliver the best meals on your big day.

#10: Finally, Do not Compromise on the Quality of the Food


At Captain Joe, we draw on our culinary experience catering to events of all sizes in Gurgaon. Our meals are prepared by experienced chefs, with years of experience working in the best hotels and restaurants. We go beyond standard menus to offer customised catering menus that are a perfect fit your event. We can also craft delicious menus that match the theme of your big day.

Are you Ready to Hire the Best Caterer in Gurgaon?

Asking the right questions helps you select the best caterer for your special day. Use these tips to help you find the best catering in Gurgaon and WoW your guests with impressive and delicious meals.

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