24 May 2021 | by Captain Joe


A baby shower is an exciting occasion. It’s a special gathering to celebrate the mom-to-be before the baby arrives and the family increases by one.

Baby showers are usually planned during the last trimester – a hectic time for the mother-to-be. Generally, baby showers are planned by the sibling, sister-in-law, friend or cousin of the mom-to-be. There is a lot to be planned – invites to be sent out, figuring the best schedule and venue, deciding the activities to honour the mom-to-be and an umpteen more things to be done.

Since, the event planner has several other things to focus on, preparing the food for the event is difficult. This is where a professional party caterer comes to your rescue. Hiring a professional caterer for an intimate event like baby shower may seem like an unnecessary expense. After all, your family members can easily whip up the meal for the event.

Well, no! A professional caterer has years of experience in baby shower menu planning and can help you craft a meal according to the tastes of the mommy-to-be and the theme of the event. Here are five reasons to hire a professional caterer to prepare the baby shower food for your special day.

#1: Gives you Ample Time to Plan Other Activities


Event planning is strenuous – there are numerous things to plan. Deciding the guest list, sending out invites, organising the theme and venue, planning entertainment activities, deciding the return gifts, and plenty more.

With a professional caterer , you can leave food preparation in the hands of a professional team. You don’t have to worry about – shopping for groceries, meal preparation, cooking, serving and clean up! Yes, professional caterers handle the A to Z of baby shower food. From providing you with awesome baby shower catering menu ideas to customising the food to go with your theme, to serving the food and actual clean up, the caterer handles it all.

This gives you ample time to focus on other aspects of the baby shower like deciding the playlist, choosing the decorations, arranging the seating and more.

#2: You can enjoy Awesome Food


Choosing the right baby shower food is an overwhelming task. You have to consider the tastes of the mommy-to-be. There may be certain dishes and smells, that make her queasy. Also, certain ingredients like coffee, shellfish, may not be ideal for her. You have to avoid these specific items.

But that doesn’t mean you have to serve boring dishes. A professional caterer can WoW you with impressive dishes, that meet all these requirements.

#3: You are Guaranteed Hygienic Food


In this Covid-19 era, you can never compromise on food safety and hygiene. professional event caterer like Captain Joe take the safety of your guests and our staff quite seriously. Our kitchens are sterilised thoroughly and all our staff undergo temperature checks, wear masks, face shields and gloves at all times.

Additionally, we ensure that we use high-quality ingredients to ensure food safety. We use clean utensils, healthy vegetables and fresh fruits to create delicious meals. With a professional caterer at your side, you don’t have to worry about risking the safety and hygiene of your guests. All these small details add up and guarantee you peace of mind. You can relax knowing that the safety of the mommy-to-be and other guests are guaranteed at all times.

#4: Excellent Service


The food is the centrepiece of any event. But, it’s more than what you serve on the plate. The meal experience starts from welcoming your guests with a warm smile, serving them with delicious appetisers on beautiful clean plates, presenting the next course and looking after every small detail. The well-mannered waiters, professionally presented dishes, clean cutlery, trained waiters all add to the experience making for memorable memories.

#5: Finally, You Get Time to Enjoy the Party


Organising an event – be it a small party or a large gathering – is tiresome. Very often, the party planners are so busy that they barely have time to interact with guests and enjoy the event. With a professional caterer by your side, you can breathe easy, knowing that they handle the critical part of the event – the food. Since the heavy workload lies with the caterers, the host and family members can let their hair down and enjoy the day.

Hiring a professional caterer for baby showers in Gurgaon may seem a bit extra or even unnecessary! But, trust us – it will be one of the best decisions that you will take. It can help you let your hair down, enjoy the event and create awesome memories. For more baby shower catering menu ideas , get in touch with our team to start the planning!

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