15 July 2019 | by Captain Joe

Every bride, groom, and their families want their big day to be flawless. And, one of the most significant defining factors of a wedding reception is the food and drink choices. Whether you’re planning to serve a full, sit down dinner or even a just a cocktail hour with small plates, it needs to go off without a hitch.

Most wedding guests won't remember the wedding attire or the accessories worn by the bride and groom. But, they are sure to remember the food and drinks served at the event. So choosing the right Indian wedding caterer is of paramount importance. When you plan to hire a caterer, it is essential to make sure that the caterer will meet your expectations. There is a list of things that needs to be checked before you hire a caterer.

In this article, we have listed some of the essential details you need to consider to make sure that you hire the right wedding caterer and what to expect from them.

Find an Indian Wedding Caterer who Suits your Style


It’s essential to choose a caterer who matches your style. There are plenty of wedding catering styles – traditional meals served on a banana leaf, buffet-style dinner, cocktail receptions, and plenty more.

Cross-check whether the caterers you have shortlisted suits your preferred style. Make sure to have a briefing about your style to check if the caterer has previous experience on it and understands it well.

Here, at Captain Joe, you can take a look at the various wedding catering styles we offer. We also provide help in coordinating with your wedding planner to help you select a menu that goes with the theme of the wedding.

Have Tasting Sessions


You need to know about the food before you proceed with the order. Have a tasting session with the caterer to make sure the food is tasty and to learn more about the caterer's menu style and understand wedding catering menu ideas.

Here at Captain Joe, our catering menu ideas include special dishes from all parts of India. The menu we serve starts from Kashmir and ends at Kanyakumari. We also have continental, Italian, American, and Chinese food at service. And we make it a point to offer tasting sessions to all our clients, to ensure that we are on the same page as our clients.

Find out if the Caterer offers wedding catering menu ideas


It’s important to know whether you can choose the menu. The menu by caterer may not be satisfying, and you may want to add or minimize some food from the plate. So it would help if you made sure that the caterer gives you the freedom to customize the menu.

At Captain Joe, you can customize the menu once you place the order. We have an online order placement option, which enables you to select the menu according to your style. You can also contact us to design a customized menu that goes with your wedding theme.

Find out if they Provide the Equipment

It’s essential to cross-check with the caterer whether they take care of all the required equipment like:

  • Crockery
  • Cutlery
  • Tablecloths & Napkins
  • Front of House Manager
  • Chefs & Kitchen Assistants
  • Project Management and Planning Service
  • Table Laying

Removal of Waste


It’s essential to remove the waste once the event is over. Waste disposal should be clean and safe. It should not harm the environment in any way. A separate team should be employed by the caterer to make sure the waste generated at the event is disposed at the right time and in the right way.



The caterer team needs to have the required certificates and license to cater to events. The food and health department needs to certify the caterer team to serve food at an event. Make sure the caterer has all certificates like Halal and others to safeguard the health of the guest.

Here at Captain Joe we have all the certificates and licensing to cater at events.

We hope this article gives you an idea of what to expect from your wedding caterer. If you require any further help or wish to hire us for the next big event in your family, you can give us a ring at +91-9899988185.


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