19 July 2019 | by Captain Joe

Weddings are big deals in India - most people spend almost all their lifelong earnings for the big day that is their daughter’s or son's weddings. From jewelry, dresses, party, DJ, and the main event the lip-smacking feasts, the money spent on weddings range from a few lakhs to crores of rupees.

But the sad truth is that most people miss the reality that the actual life is not the day of the wedding; it is life after the wedding. Do we need such big weddings? I think most of us would answer NO.

In most wedding functions, we end up destroying Mother Earth with non-biodegradable waste and noise pollution. Water and food are wasted in plenty during most wedding ceremonies. It is time we did something about it.

A Welcome Step by the Govt of Delhi

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Fortunately, the Government of Delhi has taken the first step. The Delhi government has formed a four-member committee that includes Chief Executive Officer of the Delhi Jal Board, principal secretary of urban development, principal secretary of health, and member secretary, Delhi Pollution Control Committee to draft a policy on wedding celebrations conducted in the city, with certain limitations.

The limitations are meant for the betterment of society and the environment. According to the policy, the guest number is limited according to the size of the venue. The guest count will depend on the space available for parking at the venue. This will be determined by dividing the total available square meter area of the venue by 1.5 or multiplying the total number of cars parked by four. This determines the number of guests that can attend the wedding at the venue.

The idea behind this draft is that when the guest count is limited, automatically, the waste and expense of the wedding decreases.

The following policy aims to decrease food and water usage. All surplus food at the venue should be distributed appropriately to an NGO. The policy also clearly states there must be enough provisions to ensure that there is no traffic congestion. It has become a clear law that all the caterers must register themselves to NGOs to ensure the food is not wasted.

Here, at this juncture, we proudly state that Captain Joe is one of the leading caterers in Gurgaon who takes stringent measures to ensure that no food is wasted on your special day. We have detailed norms and policies to deal with food wastage (if any) in the right way.

Noise pollution cause at a wedding is high. The committee has clearly stated that there will be no horse-drawn carriages and bands right outside the venue and no firearms. All DJ sets will have to abide by the laws specified.

We hope this policy helps in reducing food wastage and noise pollution in the capital city. Failure to meet the terms of this policy causes fines for lawbreakers. The penalty for the first offense is Rs. 5 lakhs, and it doubles to Rs. 10 lakhs for the second time. It keeps on increasing by five lakhs for every consecutive offense.

The Other Side


After knowing about the policy, there are a few people who criticize it. They believe that it restricts the freedom of their celebration.

The law may seem a bit tough and stringent. But, we disagree. As climate change becomes too real, and parts of the country face severe water crisis, we think it’s about time; we all contribute to the betterment of the environment.

The law is mainly meant to safeguard the environment and also decrease the money spent on weddings in India. As a zero-waste caterer, we welcome this change happily.

If you need further clarification on how Captain Joe helps you celebrate your big day without harming the environment, get in touch with us to know more.


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