09 Dec 2020 | by Captain Joe


"How much food should I order for my event?" "What do if I order more and I'm left over with boxes of extra food?" "Or worse, what if I order too less and my guests don't have enough to eat?"

These are some questions that all party hosts ponder before an event. When ordering the food for an event, there are several factors to consider like: budget, meal-type, cuisine, dietary requirements, portion sizes, and style of food, and more.

As the host, you need to ensure that all your guests enjoy the meal. The vegetarians, vegans, low-carb eaters – everyone should find something to indulge in that satisfies their dietary needs. Your Nana and Nani need soft, less spicy food that is easy for them to bite and digest. The children have kid-friendly meals. Your colleague with nut allergies has something safe to eat.

There are plenty of boxes to tick. Finding the right meal sizes for an even can be exhausting. When you work with a reputed and experienced party caterer in Gurgaon, like Captain Joe, you can rest easy. We guide you in ordering the right amount of food, depending on the number of guests and guests' age. Our expertise and knowledge in event catering in Gurgaon help us decide on the right portion sizes for your special event.

While it's true that every party is different and has varying needs, our years of experience catering to different types of parties in Gurgaon helps us decide the right catering portions for your event. We ensure that your party goes as per plan without a hitch, and each one of your guests leaves the event with a full tummy. We are also mindful of food wastage. We never force you to order more than needed.

In this article, we have compiled a list of guidelines to help you take the guesswork out of catering portion sizes. Minimise food wastage while ensuring that there's enough food to go around with our expert tips.

Tips for Deciding the Right Portion Sizes for your Upcoming Event in Gurgaon

Rule No.1: Always Round-Up


This is one of the golden rules of event catering. Always round up. It's always better to have some extra meals than run the risk of running out of food. For example, if you have 20 people attending the event, then order food for 25 people. If your event guest list includes 50 people, then order for 55 or 60. You never know who's going to bring in a friend or an extra family member.

Rule No.2: The Time & Style of the Event determines the Food Required


Here are a few tips to keep in mind,

  • Longer the event, the more food you will need. For example, a wedding reception where guests sit down for the meal will require more food than a short board-room meeting.
  • The style of the meal determines how much food you will need. Generally, speaking events where guests sit down to have a leisurely meal require more food. On the other hand, events like a Mehendi, dandiya night where guests are on their feet require smaller plates. Opt for lesser main courses and increase the number of snacks, appetisers, and small eats for these events.

Rule No.3: Portion Sizes


When it comes to Indian events, make sure that there is plenty of bread – naan, roti, parotta, etc. Also, ample rice – pulao, biryani should be available as guests tend to fill up on these dishes more. You can reduce the portion sizes for appetizers, soups, and salads as most guests skip these.

Also, the type of cuisine you serve plays a crucial role in determining portion sizes. For example, light options like continental, tapas, and small plates will require extra portions as these meals aren't filling. On the other hand, heavier cuisines like Chinese and Indian tend to fill up people quickly. If you're serving these decadent cuisines, you can cut down on extra portion sizes.

Keep these three golden rules in mind while ordering food for your upcoming event. At Captain Joe, our team of experienced caterers is here to help you with all your party catering needs in Gurgaon. Irrespective of the party's size, we would love to serve you and your guests on your special occasion. Start planning your event catering online, and we can help you plan the perfect meal for your special celebrations.

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