02 September 2019 | by Captain Joe

Everyone knows that corporate events or business functions can be very lengthy and time-consuming. Irrespective of whether you’re holding an annual get-together, an executive conference, or a team-building session, it all falls on the shoulders of the event organizers to keep everything running smoothly without any glitches.

Event planning is extra stressful, especially the weeks (or months) leading to it. You have to sort through a million details – planning the guest list, deciding the agenda, inviting the chief guests, organizing the activities to be done on the day, return favors, and plenty more.

While there are a lot of things to consider when running business meetings or seminars, corporate catering should be at the top of your priorities. No doubt engaging the services of a good catering company can make your event stand out and make a lasting impression. When you want every single detail to be perfect, you need the trusted vendors at your side.

With a team of highly skilled professionals taking responsibility for food preparation, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing a huge burden has been lifted off your shoulders. Here, in this guide, we walk you through the top reasons why professional corporate caterers like Captain Joe can help you get free from the stresses of professional corporate event catering.

#1: Professional Corporate Caterers Help to Boost the Image of your Brand/Company


Corporate event catering is not only crucial to the success of your event, but it’s your chance to ensure your guests leave with a good impression of your company. Satisfying a vital business client can significantly increase the rank of your business. So, engaging the mouth-watering skills of a good catering company can help build the reputation of your business or company.

Here, at Captain Joe, we never allow guests to leave tables with an empty stomach. We make sure that they have their favorites served on their plate. As one of the top corporate event caterers in Gurgaon, we take care of all the aspects of planning – right from setting the tables to getting the cutlery, serving your guests, deciding the right menu, plating, and more.

Get Professional Inputs on Choosing the Right Menu for your Big Event

event catering services in Gurgaon

Whether you’re serving a small snack or a full-course meal, the food occupies the center stage at any event. Your guests and clients will pay attention to the meal you serve, and remember the care and thought you put into organizing the day’s menu.

Making the right impression starts from selecting high-quality ingredients, preparing it, cooking, and serving it as aesthetically as possible, without compromising taste. Additionally, there’s plenty of time co-ordination that happens behind the scenes. You cannot start cooking too early, as it could cause the food to become cold by the time it reaches the guests. If you delay too long to start, then the meals won’t be ready on time.

It’s a highly orchestrated performance. Serving good food requires plenty of thought and planning. With a thousand things running on your mind, you cannot be expected to spend all your time in the kitchen instructing staff on how to prepare and serve the food.

This is why you need expert corporate caterers by your side. When you hire a professional catering team, you can leave the entire food department to the experts and focus on other crucial elements like welcoming the guests, seeing the plan and more.

#3: Attention to Detail


As the leading event catering services in Gurgaon, we pay special attention to present your meals in a way to impress and bowl over your guests. We have the experience, skills, and the right team to convert your impressive event goals into reality. We adapt our menu to the venue and not the other way around. Indoor or outdoor, simple or elaborate – our food and beverages will be a perfect match for your event’s theme.

#4: Enjoy Professional Presentation of the Food You Serve


While the menu may be the first criteria in choosing professional caterers, it’s the little details that help you identify the best caterers from the just good ones.

With the best caterers, you don’t have to worry about the food. You can be assured knowing that your guests will enjoy a delicious meal that is beautifully presented. Whether a buffet or a traditional sit-down plated meal, the catering team will handle it all with aplomb.

These are just four reasons to hire a professional catering company, and there are many more. Turning over the responsibilities for the meals to professional caterers like Captain Joe helps you focus on other critical elements of the day, like – enjoying the event and spending quality time with each of your guests.

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