24 October 2019 | by Captain Joe

With globalization, the world is becoming more and more connected each day. Just a few decades back, it would have been unimaginable to think that an Indian in Bengaluru would be handling the customer services of a corporate company in Dallas. That’s the power of globalization.

The change is seen in every industry, including the food industry. A few years back, a visit to any hotel in Gurgaon and you would see the same items listed on all menus - Rajma chawal, paneer butter masala, naan, etc.

Today that’s not the scenario. Thanks to globalization today, we can try out different foods from all over the world, right here in our city. There are specialty restaurants with specific cuisine like Chinese, American, Italian, and even not-so-popular cuisines like Japanese, Burmese, Korean, etc.

Not just the restaurant scene, globalization made its mark in the catering industry as well. Today, the majority of catering specialists in Gurgaon offer international cuisines. From a variety of starters to yummy desserts, the menu choices have expanded to suit the changing tastes of the modern consumer. While this was the trend a few years back, today, the trends have once again changed.

The Return of the Desi Cuisine


But, as they say, “Once an Indian, always an Indian,” at Captain Joe, we observe a new trend – the changing preferences of our customers. Yes, today, a large number of customers prefer authentic local cuisine.

Regional cuisine is once again conquering the menu card.

Today, with increasing health awareness, most customers prefer authentic, home-style food made with fresh ingredients. Gone are the days when exotic fruits and vegetables imported from overseas ruled the industry. Today, the food scene is all about embracing locally produced foods. Locally grown foods are the best choices for one’s health as there are no preservatives involved in the background.

Also, as consumers grow eco-conscious, they want to avoid foods that travel a long way, adding to the carbon levels due to the massive transportation involved.

Captain Joe – Offering the Best Authentic Local Cuisine in Gurgaon


At Captain Joe, we consider it our prime goal to provide our customers with what they desire. As the leading catering services in Gurgaon, we have updated our menu to place extra emphasis on local foods.

Our latest menu includes a wide variety of dishes made with millets and other traditional ingredients. Instead of the polished white rice, our biryani can be made with foxtail millets, pearl millet, Kodo millet, jowar, etc.

When it comes to desserts, we find that authentic Bengali sweets, milk sweets made using palm jaggery, and traditional chilled desserts like lassi, phirni are a huge hit with our customers. When it comes to the cuisine style, people want to experiment with foods from different parts of the country – like Malabar cuisine, Chettinad cuisine, Andhra cuisine, Goan cuisine, Tamil Brahmin cuisine more.

We have noticed that when we offer a live kitchen with regional cuisine, our customers are eager to know more about the foods served. They have plenty of questions, and our chefs could be seen providing recipes to our customers to try out these recipes at home.

Here are some of our popular regional dishes:

  • Millet Biryani
  • Lentils Pulao
  • Millet Idli, Dosa
  • Nethili Varuval (Indian style sardine fry)
  • Dhokla
  • Meeta Doya (Jaggery milk pudding)
  • Til Ladoo
  • Gur ka Halwa
  • Gulgule
  • And plenty more

Wow your Guests with Healthy Authentic Regional Dishes at your Next Party


At Captain Joe, we believe that our success in the catering industry is due to our ability to adapt to the changing tastes of our customers. We have our finger on the pulse of our audience.

And right now, the biggest trend – is getting back to our roots via our foods. If you’re excited to try out authentic home-style local foods, give us a ring at +91-9899988185 to plan your special menu.


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