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Searching for the right event venue can be stressful, tiring and overwhelming. Having a handy list of questions in hand can help you select the perfect venue for your upcoming small party in Gurgaon.

Finding the Perfect Venue for your Party is an Art + Science.

Probably you’ve spent hours searching for the best reception venues. You would have scoured through dozens of Instagram profile, bookmarked celebrity events, have a dozen boards on Pinterest – all in your search to find the best venue for your big day.

There’s more to finding the perfect venue for your big day. It’s not just about glamorous Instagram shots. You need to ensure that the venue is accessible, has all the amenities and features to entertain and make your guests feel comfortable. If you miss out on these, you might find some nasty surprises on your big day. After all, no one wants to host a wedding, high-tea party, or any other celebration at a hall where there is no provision to host a delicious banquet, right?!

Just like you spend hours and days planning the theme of your big day, shopping for the bridal trousseau, you need to research on find the perfect venue that fits your – budget and needs. In this guide, we list the catering questions that you need to have in hand, while going venue spotting.

If you want your party to be picture-perfect, you need to work out a few key details with the venue contractor beforehand. While it’s true that the best party caterers in Gurgaon can work at any venue, you need to ensure that the venue has the basic features so that it’s easier on everyone. Knowing what is available and what isn’t available helps you catering team prepare accordingly. For instance, if the venue doesn’t have a food hall, then you need to intimate it to your caterers beforehand. This way, they can rent the necessary tables, chairs and tents to set up the banquet outdoors.

Here are the top catering questions to ask your venue contractor. Make sure that you find the answers for these questions and communicate it to your catering team, so that there are no nasty surprises on your big day.

#1: Does the venue have dedicated space for the caterer to set up?

While it’s not a deal breaker, most catering companies require a dedicated space to set up the buffet, serving tables, banquets, etc. How much space the caterer will need depends on the type of event, the number of expected guests and the menu you’re serving.

For example, for high tea catering in Gurgaon, we can prepare the food in our commercial kitchen and serve it at the venue, even if the space is minimal. However, if you’re planning to include live stations, then the venue should have a bigger area for backstage kitchen and prep work.

Check with the venue manager to see the available space. If possible click photos on your phone and share it with the caterer so that they get a clear picture of the area from where they’ll be working.

#2: Does the venue have running water supply?

This is a must check. After all, your guests will need a space to wash their hands both before and after the meal. Additionally, the caterer will require drinkable water for catering purposes. If drinkable water is not available at the venue, let the caterer know beforehand. They can arrange other water supplies like a tanker or mineral water cans.

#3: Is there power supply available for caterers?

Just like water, power supply is another essential factor for the catering team. Even if they don’t prepare the food at the venue, they will require power supply to serve food at the right temperature. If you’re serving hot soups or cold desserts, check with the venue manager if the power supply is sufficient for connecting food warmers and freezers. If there is no power supply for catering needs, the caterer can arrange alternate sources of power like renting a generator.

#4: What about the disposal of food wastes and other wastes?

This is a crucial factor to check, after all not all venues allow you to use their garbage disposal system. If the caterers are required to pack and carry the food trash, let them know beforehand. So, that they can arrange for the logistics of garbage clean-up.

#5: Can the caterers use the tables and chairs available at the venue?

Some venues allow you to use the tables, chairs and banquet bars available at the venue. Others require you to pay a fee for the use of these furniture. Some do not have any tables and chairs at the venue. So, make sure to check the situation with the venue manager and decide if you have rent furniture from a third-party team or use what’s available at the venue.

#6: Can you hire third-party caterers?

This is another crucial factor to check. For instance, you may have chosen your favourite caterers for a small party in Gurgaon. But, if the venue doesn’t allow to hire external catering teams, then there’s no way to make the solution work.

Most party halls in hotels have their own catering team. They do not allow third-party caterers and the rent for the party hall is inclusive of their catering charges. If this is the case, you cannot choose a catering company of your choice.

You can either decide to use the in-house catering team (menu choices are often limited and it costs more). Alternatively, you can look for other venues.

Finally, remember that there’s nothing as being over cautious. Asking the right questions to the venue manager and communicating the same to your catering team ensures that everyone is on the same page and there are no hiccups on your special day.

For any other catering queries or choosing a customised menu for your special event, reach out to Captain Joe, the best wedding, birthday & high tea catering in Gurgaon.

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