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What’s On the Menu? The Complete Menu Planning Guide for Corporate Events!

Informal family events like get-togethers, kitty parties don’t require an elaborate menu. Something hearty and filling is enough to get the party going.

On the other hand, corporate events require special menu planning. Remember that “Your menu can make or break an event.” What works for team lunches certainly doesn’t work for office party celebrations and so on.

Here, at Captain Joe, we have a wide array of corporate menu ideas mixed and matched to suit your specific occasion. Be it a welcome party for recruits, a full-day training program, working lunches, a team-building exercise, or an annual office gala dinner – we have the right menu to enhance further and elevate the event.

How to Plan the Menu for Corporate Events?


Once you have decided on the style and theme of your event, you can contact us. Specify the venue, number of attendees, seating arrangements, etc. We help you choose the right menu that matches your event style. We can also customize the menu based on your event schedule as well as the dietary preferences of the attendees.

Here, we give you some of our popular menu ideas for various corporate events. Remember that this is just a guideline. You can mix, match, and choose to suit your specific requirements.

Popular Menus for Various Corporate Events

Breakfast Menu


Generally, training programs, conferences, seminars, and induction programs stretch throughout the whole day or can run for two to three consecutive days. Each day, you’ll have to provide attendees with a healthy and energizing breakfast to get them geared up for the session.

Here are a few sample items to be included on the breakfast menu:

  • Breakfast Beverages – Tea, Coffee, hot milk, cold milk, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, green tea, green juices, etc.

  • Morning Bites – Uppuma, Poha, Idly, vada, uttapam, dosa, poori, bature, accompanied with coconut chutney, mint chutney, tomato chutney, gunpowder, ghee, chole, potato side dish, etc. Apart from these, you can also include continental breakfast like eggs, cereal, pancakes, sausages, French toast, breakfast muffins, pastries, bread – white or brown, etc.

  • Breakfast Munchies – These are healthy snacks to kick start the day. It can include carrot, radish, tomato, American corn, boiled peas, sautéed vegetables, sprouts, plain yogurt, flavored yogurt, salads with mint, lemon, chilli, or other dressing.

Buffet Lunch Menu


Usually, lunches served at conferences, seminars, and other training events are organized buffet style. One big advantage of serving buffet-style lunch is that attendees can choose what they like and skip what they don’t like. This not only presents event attendees with plenty of choices but also helps to avoid food wastage.

Here are a few items that are popular at our Buffet Lunches:

  • Welcome Drinks – Special mocktails, chilled fresh juices, etc.

  • Starters – Both veg and non-veg starters accompanied with chutneys and dips.

  • Soup – Veg or non-veg soup. Clear, sweet corn, mulligatawny, etc.

  • Soup accompaniments – Breadsticks, bread rolls, scrambled egg, cheese cubes, fried onion, stick crispy noodles, spring onion, etc.

  • Salad bar – Assorted veggies, fresh sprouts, garden greens with various styles of dressing

  • South Indian accompaniments – Papads, curd, pickles.

  • Non-veg main course – Chicken/Fish/Mutton curry.

  • Veg-main course – Paneer/Indian vegetable curry, dal, rice, briyani, pulav, roti, tandoori bread, rasam, sambar.

  • Other Dishes – Chinese noodles/fried rice, baked pasta.

  • Desserts – Hot or cold desserts, served with toppings.

This is just the raw format of our buffet lunch menu. You can add/modify it to suit your specific preferences.

Evening Tea or Coffee with Snacks


Here, at Captain Joe, we take our coffee/tea break pretty seriously. It’s not just about sipping on your favorite beverage, but it’s a mini-treat with an array of tasty snacks, biscuits, and cookies.

Corporate Team Outings


Depending on the length of your outing, you can choose to have one, two, or three meals. Generally, our corporate team outings menu includes a welcome drink, a hot luncheon with live stations BBQ served poolside, and a refreshing tea/coffee break with snacks.

Here, at Captain Joe, we take care of all the arrangements, from organizing the tables to arranging cutlery. All you have to do is specify the venue of your team outing, and our team takes care of the rest.

Corporate Dinner or Lunch Buffet Spreads along with Drinks


These are parties where you want us to serve food along with liquor. We set up a bar with bartenders and serve attendees with excellent cocktails.

The menus for these events generally follow this structure but are open to customization based on your preferences and budget.

Sample Menu
Choice of 3 salads with dressing
Choice of 1 veg and 1 non-veg soup
Main Course
Choice of 2 non-veg dishes
Choice of 1 veg specialty dish (paneer/mushroom/cauliflower)
Choice of 3 vegetable side dishes
Dal or Sambhar
Flavoured Rice
Steamed Rice
Assorted Indian Bread
Choose 3 different types
Choice of 2 desserts + ice cream

Live Stations

We can set up live stations to serve event attendees with hot, freshly made, and customized dishes. Some of our popular live station counters include:

  • Vegetable Tawa counter – Seasonal vegetables sautéed in butter, served hot.

  • Dosa Counter – Different types of dosas served with assorted chutneys.

  • Pasta Station – Choose from a variety of pasta, sauces, and toppings.

  • Chaat Station – Pani poori, bhel poori, sev poori, samosa chaat and more.

  • Jalebi Station – Hot jalebis served with rabdi.

All our live stations can be made veg or non-veg based on your preferences.

Office Party Bashes

Whether you’re celebrating an employee’s birthday, a milestone achievement, product launch, or any other office celebration, we can make customized menus to commemorate your special event. Whether you need just small plates, tapas, or only desserts, we’ve got you covered.

Packed Office Lunches

We also provide executive pack lunches as per requirement. Now, your hard-working employees can enjoy hygienic, hot meals every day at lunch. This is a set menu and follows a timetable. All you have to do is specify the number of meals needed daily, and our team can deliver it right to your workplace.

Wrapping it up

The menus given here are to provide you with an example. You can alter it based on your budget and other requirements. Call us at +91-989-998-8185 to reach out to our corporate catering team in Gurgaon to know more.


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