01 January 2020 | by Captain Joe

This is the season of parties and festive gatherings. If you’re looking to host a party at your home but don’t want the fuss of large gatherings, a small intimate high-tea party is a perfect choice. It’s easy to plan and host and doesn’t cost a fortune. The best part – you can hire small tea party caterers in Gurgaon to help you with the planning and preparing the tea party catering menu.

Here, in this guide, we offer you excellent party planning tips to host a fabulous tea party with minimal effort.

#1: The focus is on the Tea


As a tea party, the focus is, of course, on the tea. With an incredible variety of teas on the market today, it’s easier than ever before to serve a tasty array of teas. Offer a variety of teas – from subtle fruity notes to bold flavors. Besides tea, fill a few caffeine-free drinks that don’t drink caffeine.

Offer guests an array of hot and cold teas. Here’s an exciting idea to try out. Place a garnish plate – arrange a few pieces of neatly cut slices of cucumber, lemon, orange, raspberry, lime, strawberries, and dry fruits like raisins, figs, etc. Display sprigs of fresh herbs like mint, basil, lavender. Guests can choose their favorite garnishes to add to the tea to create surprising new flavors.

For ice tea drinkers, ensure that you have plenty of ice cubes in an easy to serve ice bucket. Make sure to place ice tongs near the bucket so that guests can easily pick ice cubes.

#2: Serve Milk and Condiments Separately


All your guests have different tastes, and it’s challenging to satisfy all. Some of your guests need a heavy dose of sugar, while others take lime. So, it’s better to serve sugar, milk, lemon as optional ingredients that guests can add as per their preferences to the tea. Cream and condensed milk are other options that you can serve for a rich tea.

#3: Tea Sandwiches


Finger sandwiches are the most popular dish to serve along with teas. Small-sized sandwiches are known as tea sandwiches. Some of the classic tea sandwiches include:

  • Egg salad
  • Cucumber and mayo
  • Smoked salmon
  • Ham fingers
  • Roast beef finger
  • Chicken salad finger

If you’re looking for an array of delectable finger sandwiches to be served at your party, get in touch with Captain Joe – the No.1 tea party caterers in Gurgaon. We do a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian finger sandwiches cut and packed in beautiful trays.

Besides finger sandwiches, we also serve a variety of other dishes in menu like scones, tarts, petit fours, and more. Whether you’re hosting a tea party for ten or fifty, Captain Joe can serve for all tea parties.

#4: Other Eats


You can serve other sweets with your tea like sponge cakes, donuts, macrons, etc. These will be perfect if your guests include kids. Kids adore donuts and macrons. Make sure to include fruit desserts on your high tea menu.

There are no written rules that only tea can be served at the tea party. You can also serve juice, ice tea at the party to attract kids and youngsters. Several people don’t take tea, so juice or ice tea is an excellent alternative to them. Not just sandwiches but soups, quiches, or light savory snacks like nuts, cheese crackers can be options too. If your tea party is themed, you can decorate and choose the menu to fit your theme. Cupcake is another choice of option.

#5: Designing the Invitations


Print out invitations using your home computer. Decorate it with lace, pearls, or rhinestones for a dainty effect. Make sure to mention the time and date and invite your guests to come in their fancy dresses. You can even tuck a tea bag in the invite as a special surprise and to highlight the theme of the event.

#6: Mix and Match Teacups


Don’t have a matching tea set? No worries. Mix and match pieces to create a unique effect. You can even ask guests to bring their favorite teacup. Alternatively, you can ask guests to decorate teacups at the party and take home as a memorable party favor.

Enjoy a Leisurely Tea Party

Tea parties are meant to be savored. So, instead of rushing it try to schedule it on the weekend, preferably in the afternoon. This way, guests can take their time savoring and enjoying the experience.

Tea parties are great for all ages. Whether it’s a children’s birthday party or a special day to celebrate occasions in your family, the tea party works for all. Make sure to hire Captain Joe for the best tea-party snacks and dishes so that you can focus on other aspects of the party.


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