04 June 2022 | by Captain Joe

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It’s warm and sunny, and the bars are open and the parties are in full swing… it’s fun for everyone. They say it’s the season for love. And at the end of the day, who doesn’t want a little extra love to go into their kitchen when they throw a party? But you want it all done within a budget. And wouldn’t you love to have satisfied your guests without breaking the bank? It’s all possible, if you know where to look!

Well, it just needs a little extra planning and a bit of creativity. Why beat around the bush? Let's dive into our top 5 tips to throw a summer party within your budget. What's more? We will get the top caterers in Gurgaon to do it for you!

Tip No.1 - Opt For A Budget-Friendly Menu

Budget Friendly Menu

When it comes to menu planning, the first question that comes to mind is, “What menu would work best?” Budget-friendly menus are often the most cost effective, but they can also be the most challenging to plan. If you want to keep costs low, menu planning can be a challenge.

A buffet can be a great option. Choose fewer items but ensure that they are high on the 'best liked dishes' list. You can have a few different dishes from different cuisines so that your guests have a variety to choose from.

Tip No.2 - Set Up Live Stalls

Set Up Live Stalls

A pasta stall, a Chaat stall, or a dessert stall are some of the most popular options when it comes to live stalls. It's summer and your guests may not be able to resist the temptation to try something new. This also avoids food wastage. It is important to hire the best caterers in Gurgaon to get this done without a hitch.

Tip No.3 - Plan The Party In Your Own Venue

Party in Your Own Venue

If you have the space and the manpower to set up your own venue, this is the best option. You won’t have to worry about the service and you can plan out the menu as per your requirements. This also gives you the opportunity to charge a premium and make a profit. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that this requires a lot of planning and a lot of work.

Tip No.4 - Add Some Finger Foods To The Menu

Add Some Finger Foods To The Menu

Adding some finger foods to a menu is a great way to keep guests interested or to fill in spots without making things too difficult. Not all finger foods need to be elaborate or hard-to-make. Think of snacks like potato chips, fruit, or protein bars. These often work great as finger food or party favors as guests can nibble on them throughout the night.

Tip No.5 - Get The Top Caterers In Gurgaon

Get The Top Caterers In Gurgaon

Captain Joe, the top caterers in Gurgaon can help you plan your party menu for you. We can plan out the menu and execute it for you with finesse. This will ensure that you get the best service and the best food at the best price.

Captain Joe are a huge help when it comes to party planning. We can provide you with an extensive list of menu items, catering for almost any type of budget. Getting the best caterers in Gurgaon will help you save on food costs while still providing your guests with a memorable dining experience.

Call us today and let us help you plan a great summer party for you and your guests!

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