“Never Let your Caterer Limit the Creativity of your Birthday Party.”

Birthdays, whether they are the 1st, 16th, 21st, 60th, or 100th are special occasions that leave indelible memories for years to come. And, that’s why you need to go all out and hire the best birthday party caterer in Gurgaon, Captain Joe .

If you’re planning a milestone birthday for your kids, friends, parents or your spouse, Captain Joe is here to make the big event as memorable as possible. We have plenty of experience in catering at birthday parties, hosted in venues in and around Gurgaon.

From One to a Hundred and One and Everything in Between

Birthday party catering menus need to be customised to fit the age group of the guests. Just as you wouldn’t hire a face paint artist for a teenager’s birthday, you can’t serve the same food for a 2nd birthday party and a 60th birthday celebration.

This is why we at Captain Joe have different birthday party catering menus to accommodate every birthday party. We offer kid-friendly birthday buffets, pizza and fast-foods for teens, to an intimate plated dinner for adults, and much more.

All you have to do is get in touch with our chefs and event planners to create a tailored menu that meets your budget as well as specific requirements.

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Let Them Eat Cake!

“A Birthday Party is just a Boring Meeting without Cake!”

What’s a birthday without cake? We at Captain Joe have expert bakers on our team, who can create the perfect birthday cake for your event. Whether you need a themed cake for your child or an elegantly designed cake for your grandma’s 90th celebration, we’ve got it all!

Whether you want to pick up your meals, have it home-delivered, or you want us to take care of everything from setup, serving to clean-up, we can do it all! Just get in touch with us today & get started planning your next birthday celebration!


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